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To build the kitchen you want- we help you!

We are overwhelmed to welcome you here and quite glad about your interest in us. To let you know, this site is at liberty from individual dividends and holds tight solely on the needs of its viewers.

Every research is made to make sure you are learning all you tend to seek and at the end of the day, you have the best in your hand to take home.

The Mission

The earnest mission of kitcheniest is to put forward all the cookware varieties, national or international and make it clear how it is best, worst, or both.

How we do it

We, here, hand-pick each product on target and belonging to a definite category and bring it under comprehensive scrutinizing.

It is followed by publishing the final verdict based on the conducted observations.

We work really hard to compile each thread comprising the sessions of testing, analyzing, and then writing the views for your ease have been made possible so that you can appreciate it thereupon.

Our reviews are honest in terms with no sponsor back and there is certainly no profit that we claim for.

You may encourage our performance knowing that each product is reviewed by a specialist in the field of cookware and cooking as well.

We can go about any inch to help our audience settle for best and improve their living style by encompassing the cookware with no suspicion of toxins.

On a serious note, we make sure to be held accountable for this big responsibility and you be the better judge can trust our abilities.

The food is a blessing and the utensils that cook this blessing are determined by you but referred by us.

For the record, we are not entertained with any kind of profits from the companies whose cookware we review. We do this because it needs to be done.

Author Box

Hello there, I am Risa Weiner, an avid weight watcher and dealing all-in-all with food and cutlery lady. I have been making, inventing, altering recipes and eating strategies to build a zone of persistent health vibes around me, to date back as far as I can recall.

Since most of the time in a day is spent in the kitchen, you can call me a kitchen agent who believes it to be her personal state.

I have a strong instinct about the cookware features because I love to discover the upgraded ones on and off, switching to a better option every six months.

I conquered over my extra fat and this journey was a sheer rollercoaster ride rendering me a quality experience about things that I am using now for the sake of my audience.

Food is my passion and I take it more than diet so apart from the cookware reviews, you can also remember me for delicious recipes.

Baking in low sugar and low fat is a hard nut to crack but I am pro at it.

Amidst this process of losing and gaining my self-esteem being overweight than normal, I managed to develop some skills.

I am also handling a Recipe site, a facebook group “WW Tips and Recipes By Risa” and a cooking youtube channel “Risa Weiner” of mine apart of the cookware reviewing and the things are so connected to each other that a kitchen is my shop, passion, and only job.

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Ontario, Canada