AMC Cookware Reviews – All you Need to Know about AMC

If you are just sick of your older cookware set and deliberately want to switch to the new one, great in performance and comfortable in the budget, we are going to suggest the kind of brand that will be your new favorite, point-blank.

I myself was directed to it by a very close friend but to favour you, I went the extra mile in testing and here I am reviewing the first-hand experience to clear up your doubts and questions.

Go through the following thread and make up your list right now!

AMC Cookware Specifications

1- Competent for all Stovetops

One of the all-rounder spec one can expect or truly ask for in any cookware kind is to be surviving on all stovetop’s. So that when one is not available, the other can help and when the other is not available, another can help, you never go to sleep hungry.

Though the chief authority that AMC cookware hold is being competent in electricity. Yes, half of the AMC cookware is a superior quality electricity unit. Be the housewives or the hostile, own you both with grace.

2- Easy to clean

All of the AMC cookware, any kind, a simple fry pan or heavy stockpot, is equally easy to clean.

You don’t have to grind the rest of your energy into cleaning after cooking, it’s process is too easy as one needs some warm water plus liquid soap to rub off the residues gently and get the cookware back as new.

Some of the AMC cookware is dishwasher safe and you can follow up this guide when most needed, else go for quick and gentle hand-washing.

3- Maintains temperature / Heat retention

AMC cookware again does not let you face a hard time due to its temperature circumstances.

The surface is made to keep control over the temperature and thus the cooking becomes quite easier with this.

Your recipe will not burn or remain undercooked because the temperature remains constant in the surface and there are not even any uneven hot spots to trouble your favorite recipe. It comes out holy best in flavour like never before.

4- Looks

I am the one who falls for the shiny appearances because having something as clear as to view yourself into it is totally welcome at my place.

The AMC cookware has a clean, smooth and shining appearance that can tempt you to own it within seconds. It actually did it best with me. I am the victim of its beauty, sheer beauty.

In addition, the cookware like AMC takes you back to the old times when our mothers cooked and we enjoyed the important of a good cookware in our lives.

5- Customised products

All of the AMC products have been manufactured with the element of customisation.

It means you can use the lid of any cookware on the other and so on.

If you are going to buy a complete set that pretty much includes everything from small items to the large one, you will have a wide exposure to your use.

6- Time-Saving

If you are running low on time and want to cook before the guests arrive or you get late from work, the AMC products offer temperature control cooking that you can make use of within a specific time for cooking something in particular.

It’s so easy and encouraging at the times of need that you will love this feature the most. All thanks to the Navigenio and Audiotherm plus.

7- Space-saving

AMC cookware usually has removable parts, like handles mostly.

So if you have a limited area in your kitchen cabinets to fill the mass with the cookware, you can remove some of the parts to reduce the volume.

Though the AMC cookware with removable parts can also serve as the best companion in traveling, where you again need to narrow down the weight and the volume of the pan or pot to fit it well.

In addition, such cookware also does well in the field of cleaning, these are cleaned way better and quicker than other cookware.

8- Handling

The handling of the piece during cooking time is simply breeze due to the handles handy enough to hold and move. The art of cooking is improved as you go on experimenting with new dishes every day with the easiest cookware and AMC is the brand that lets you ascend to the wall.

9- Durability

The durability is somewhat proportional to the proposed guarantee and you see, AMC is handing over Lifetime Guarantee over each and every product. This means the power and strength to endure every condition but keep on moving has ideally transferred with great care. AMC has been working to build trust.

AMC cookware specs

10- Accessories

If you are looking forward to using cookware as a 2-in-1 piece such as in baking and grilling, AMC also has in stock the kind of accessories to help you feel inches above and ahead of the regular cooking. But, the accessories are bought separately and you can’t expect them free in the box.

11- Weight

The AMC cookware is neither too heavy nor too light but us very moderate to use, handle and maintain.

12- Price

To be very precise about it, the price of the AMC cookware may vary from store to store, online and offline.

On average, if you are intending to buy a list of cookware for different uses, at least keep your budget around $100. Though if it’s just one single product you are looking for, the price can be more and less as per the size and capacity.

13- Material

AMC bids cookware in almost every material, just ask for it.

The selection of the material is subjective and these are the additional features that matter at the end of the day.

No matter what kind of cookware material you prefer, stainless steel or non-stick, the motive is to cook healthy, delicious and cook for a longer time.

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Do AMC is up with a variety of cookware?

Yes, you can go, ask for any kind of cookware and they will present you with it.

Be it Casserole, frying pans, stockpots, saucepan, big or small, for less or more, according to the need of your family.

Other than that, the side tools as roasters and hotpan are both available electrified and non-electrified.

They do mention the elevated height and capacity of the cookware piece to help you decide what suits your regular cooking.

From deep frying to roasting, from sautéing to stirring, from favorite stew to yummy soups, AMC has in hand the needed cookware for each task.

The Best AMC Cookware Available in 2020

AMC CookwareModel No.DimensionsFeaturesPrice 
24 CM GOURMET GIGANT (Stockpot)A2479Height: 19.5 cm
Capacity: 9 litres
Stainless steel handles, Lifetime guarantee, Induction friendly, Oven safe, Good piece for small families, Can cook a great number of recipes, etc.Check Price
20 CM GOURMET SUPER HIGH (Saucepan)A2037Height: 11 cm
Capacity: 3.6 litres
Lifetime guarantee, Induction friendly, Stainless steel handles, Oven safe base without a lid, Great for medium family use, etc.Check Price
20 CM GOURMET LOW (Saucepan)A2022Height: 6 cm
Capacity: 2 litres
Ideal for small family use, Lifetime guarantee, Induction friendly, Superior quality stainless steel handles, Oven safe, etc.Check Price
30 CM GOURMET PAELLA (Casserole)A3045Height: 7.1 cm
Capacity: 4.5 litres
Lifetime guarantee, Induction friendly, Stainless steel handles, Oven safe without lid, Available in a variety of contrasting colors on the lid, Physically sturdy unit, etc.Check Price
30 CM GOURMET FRY PANA3036Height: 5.5 cm
Capacity: 3.8 litres
Rounded sides for easy flipping, Stainless Stainless steel handles, Lifetime guarantee, Oven safe, Induction friendly, Available in cool color combinations, etc.Check Price
30 CM ELECTRIC FRYING PANA3035Height: 6.5 cm
Capacity: 4.8 litres
Domed lid, Lifetime guarantee, Electrified unit to cook anytime in ease, Replaceable parts, Ergonomic handles, Easy to use, etc.Check Price
30 CM GOURMET ROASTER (Casserole)A3064Height: 9.5 cm
Capacity: 7 litres
Stainless steel handles, Oven safe roaster but not the lid, Lifetime guarantee, Available in 5 colors, Easy to use, etc.Check Price
40 CM ELECTROROASTA4015Height: 11.5 cm
Capacity: 14.75 litres
Maintains constant temperature, Easily handle large meals, Electrified unit, All parts are replaceable, Lifetime guarantee, Ergonomic smooth handles, etc.Check Price
40 CM MAGNUMA4032Height: 22 cm
Capacity: 28 litres
Excellent heat retention control, Big enough to cook the larger meal rounds easily, Electrified unit, Lifetime guarantee, All parts are replaceable, 2 year guarantee on handles, etc.Check Price
30 CM GOURMET SUPER HIGHA3010Height: 14.5 cm
Capacity: 10 litres
Wide capacity to cook in single go, stainless steel handles, Oven safe, Induction friendly, Lifetime guarantee, etc.Check Price

What strong back does AMC have?

To let you know, AMC cookware is not an average cookware brand that you can bring home, use for some days and then quit using it because it was not up on the mark.

On the contrary, you will bring AMC home, use it once and use it again and again later because you loved it for the very first time. You will tell all your acquaintances about it whoever is in need of perfect cookware because AMC is not a choice but a necessity.

As for the back, these cookware pieces are made in the USA as well as Canada, the places where the quality is not undermined and you can trust what you are investing in.

Till now, all the cookware of its kind that is made in the USA or Canada has lasted more than the requirement and now this very AMC is leading the game.

Is AMC a large-scale brand or small-scale business initiative?

For sure it is a growing brand because if you get to visit the company or factory where these products are formed, you will want to give these a super immediate try.

As I have seen, a group of people collectively gather the raw material to the high-end machinery where the material undergoes a process to get the shapes.

The rough shape is further passed through another process to get the final and sharp shape.

On another side, another group of people teamwork the side accessories such as handles and lids.

Each and every piece is checked twice to confirm the right formation and then it is passed to the boxing department.

The workers there handpick the pieces one by one, confirm the manufacturing again and then wrap it in the cover.

The cookware is then put into the boxes and sealed carefully.

So AMC is a soon-to-be leading brand where the main intention of the CEO is to provide the quality at the least price possible.

How to store AMC pots and pans?

When half of the part for the storage is played by the pots and pans itself, the remaining part has to be played by your personal management strategy.

In the foremost for you ease, buy a complete set instead of here and there pieces. Because the complete set does not include the pieces of similar sizes.

Some of the pans may be small while some of the pots may be big, you can put the smaller ones into the larger ones by removing the side handles and hence you can stack as many in one place.

Just put the removable parts in one place or inside the cookware so they don’t get missing afterward.

The lids should be stacked one-up the other one by one at another place that too sizewise so you surf your time looking the ideal lid of the pan or pot.


AMC is the brand that will be lead to use by our coming generations in no time so you are free to test its performance to assure your children and definitely the stand children about the stability and strength in clear words.

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