10 Best Cast Iron Skillets of 2020 – According to Kitchen Experts

Best cast iron cookware has much more to offer than just deliciously seared edges on your favorite food. They make your food more nutritious by adding iron to it as it cooks in this kind of cookware. Seeing how an average adult avoids or completely innocently skips out on iron, this is an important benefit that ensures health to such adults. Furthermore, cast iron cookware allows the food to hold flavor well. The cast cookware is a relatively cheaper and better option as compared to copper.

Things You Need To Consider Before Your Purchase

1) Weight

The cast iron cookware comes in all shapes, sizes and types so the weight is a variable that is changing. For purchasing a satisfactory piece of cookware, weight is an important factor to be considered as sometimes the heavier items provide a more authentic iron cooking style. However, the newer products that have come into the market are much lighter than the older models.

2) Handles and Knobs

Being able to maneuver the cookware using handles and knobs is just as important as the weight, if not more so because maneuvering plays a large part in determining how well the food is cooked. For this, it is imperative that cast iron cookware has user-friendly handles or knobs that don’t burn the user easily. If the product you’re buying is big, then make sure it has double handles that don’t strain your wrists too much.

3) Ranges

Cast iron cookware can’t necessarily be functional on all range types, like glass-top stoves, but unlike copper cookware, it can be used on induction stoves. Also, it can be put in the oven as well. For glass-top ranges, the problem lies in the fact that it could scratch the surface which can be unsightly but not necessarily be very harmful otherwise.

Top 10 Cast Iron Skillets For You To Choose From

Lodge 10.25 Inch Cast Iron SkilletPre-Seasoned, high quality design, lifetime durability, cooking versatility, Dishwasher safe, Non-stick, Heat resistant up to 450 degrees, Easy to cleanCheck Price
T-Fal Pre-Seasoned Non-Stick Cast Iron SkilletPre-seasoned , Evenly heat distribution, Oven-safe upto 600 degrees, extra-long handle, PFOA Free , Cadmium FreeCheck Price
Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet
Heavyweight fry pan, scratch resistant , stabilizing handle, Superior heat retention, Dishwasher safe, Available in 8 Colours ,Check Price
Victoria 12 Inch Cast Iron SkilletPre-seasoned ,100% non-GMO flaxseed oil seasoned coating, Oven safe, Lifetime Warranty, Long handles for better grip, Dishwasher safe, Multi-use,Check Price
Camp Chef 12" Seasoned Cast Iron SkilletPre-seasoned ,100% chemical-free, Reasonable price, Dual pour spouts, Comfort design handle,Check Price
Zelancio Enamel Cast Iron SkilletThree-layered porcelain enamel , smooth cooking surface, durable, Non-stick , Dishwasher safe, Oven safe upto 500 degree, Dual pour spouts, chemicals free, Multi colorsCheck Price
Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Dual pour spouts , Multi-use, Ideal size, Non-stick surface, heat retention, Reasonable price,Check Price
Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron GrillPre-seasoned, Oven & broiler safe, efficient heat retention and distribution, Non-stick, Dishwasher safe, Dual handles, lifetime warranty, Reasonable priceCheck Price
Staub Cast Iron Fry PanMade in France, Oven safe up to 900F, High-quality, Pouring spouts , multi colors, Smooth enamel bottom, Suitable for all types of stovetops, Unique design, different sizes,Check Price
Australian Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet
premium quality , pre-seasoned , Multi use, Tough and durable , can be used on all cooktop, Ovenproof, lifetime warranty, cheapest in price,Check Price

1. Lodge 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet

This durable skillet is made in the United States and is highly regarded as being one of the top choices for buying. It is free of any synthetic coating or chemical additives which makes it usable right out of the box and healthy too. It, furthermore, has a non-stick quality which eliminates the need for oil or butter.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Check Price and Rating on Amazon

⦁ Heat resistant up to 450 degrees.
⦁ Dishwasher safe.
⦁ A helper handle opposite of the long, silicone hot handle makes mobility easier.
⦁ Non-stick.
Easy to clean.
⦁ Might be small in size.
⦁ Might not be available everywhere.
⦁ No other colors.

2. T-Fal Pre-Seasoned Non-Stick Cast Iron Skillet

This T-Fal’s cast iron skillet is versatile as it is perfect for searing, frying and sautéing – basically everything. Moreover, this 12-inch skillet is non-stick and makes dressing up any meat and veggies very easy.

T-fal Cast Iron Skillet

Check Price and Rating on Amazon

⦁ Signature thumb rest.
⦁ Pre-seasoned for its first use.
⦁ Includes a step by step instructions on future seasoning for new users.
⦁ Evenly heat distribution.
⦁ Oven-safe for temperatures up to 600 degrees.
⦁ Comes with pouring spouts on both sides of the skillet for transferring contents to another container.
⦁ Compatible on any cooktop.
⦁ Portable.
⦁ Might take up too much space because of the long handle.
⦁ Not available in other colors.

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3. Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet

Known for its superior quality, Le Creuset pays special attention to detail and it really shows in their products. This 11 ¾ inch iron handle skillet has an interior made of black enamel which makes it resistant to staining and dulling.

Le Creuset cast iron frying pan

Check Price and Rating on Amazon

⦁ The black enamel makes the skillet scratch resistant as well.
⦁ Pre-seasoned.
⦁ Perfect for every kind of cooking.
⦁ Uniquely designed large loop handle for a more comfortable experience.
⦁ Another stabilizing handle.
⦁ The handle’s hole makes for easy storage.
⦁ Pour spouts on both sides for easy content transference.
⦁ Superior heat retention.
⦁ Provides even distribution of heat.
⦁ Multiple colors.
⦁ Dishwasher safe.

4. Victoria Pre-Seasoned 12-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

This is another high-quality commercial iron cast skillet that is known for its super durability and providing heat retention.

Victoria Cast Iron Frying pan

Check Price and Rating on Amazon

⦁ Long, curved handle for better leverage that stays cool and avoids burns.
⦁ Pre-seasoned with 100% non-GMO flaxseed oil for a natural, easy release.
⦁ Has two pour spouts that are equipped with intricate drip-cutters for easy transfer and cleanup.
⦁ Includes instructions on use, maintenance and future seasoning for new users.
⦁ Usable in all ovens even induction tops.
⦁ Oven safe.
⦁ Easy cleanup.
⦁ Dishwasher safe.
⦁ Might take up too much space.

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5. Camp Chef 12″ Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

This affordable 12-inch skillet from Camp Chef performs is known for its comfort.

Camp Chef 12 Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Check Price and Rating on Amazon

⦁ Its handle is made for comfortable use.
⦁ Dual pour spouts for mess-free transfer of content.
⦁ Pre-seasoned so doesn’t require oil or butter.
⦁ 100% chemical-free.
⦁ Equipped with a helper handle.
⦁ Reasonable price.
⦁ Might be too small.

6. Zelancio Cast Iron Skillet

Setting the bar high, Zelancio’s cast iron skillet is extremely durable and features a long loop handle for storage and leverage while cooking.

Zelancio Enamel Cast Iron Skillet

Check Price and Rating on Amazon

⦁ A tough three-layered porcelain enamel for chip and crack resistance.
⦁ Stays durable while maintaining a smooth cooking surface.
⦁ Efficiently retains heat and evenly distributes it for a properly cooked delicious meal.
⦁ Black porcelain glaze coated interior eliminates the need to use oil and butter.
⦁ Non-stick so easy cleanup.
⦁ Dishwasher safe.
⦁ Oven safe in temperatures up to 500 degrees.
⦁ Works on any and all heat source.
⦁ Dual pour spouts.
⦁ Variety of colors are available.
⦁ Free of harmful chemicals.


  • Poor customer Support

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7. Utopia Kitchen Cast Iron Skillet

Utopia Kitchen cast iron skillet comes ready to use as it is pre-seasoned with soy-based oil which is roughly equivalent to 10-15 home-based seasoning but that’s not all. This skillet has too many quantities too count. They are as below.

Utopia Kitchen Cast Iron pans

Check Price and Rating on Amazon

⦁ This can be used on any heat source.
⦁ Prepared anything you see fit; steak, chicken, fish or even your favorite vegetables, it cooks all very well.
⦁ Dual pour spouts simplify transferring.
⦁ A helping handle along with a long handle that has a loop that makes storage possible and easy.
⦁ This skillet is ideal for anything which is why it is versatile. Fry, bake, simmer, etc everything comes out deliciously.
⦁ Reasonably priced which makes it a perfect choice for people who are watching their budget.
⦁ Free of harming chemicals.
⦁ Ideal size.
Non-stick surface.


  • Short Life
  • Not Dishwasher safe.

8. Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill

Calphalon 10-inch cast iron grill is highly rated for meals that need to be slowly cooked like as steaks and certain types of chicken. It produces a professional-tasting meal right from the comfort of your own kitchen or wherever it is that you decide to use it.

Calphalon 1873979 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill

Check Price and Rating on Amazon

⦁ Even and efficient heat retention and distribution.
⦁ Comes with a pre-seasoned surface that allows for immediate use.
⦁ Non-stick quality means simplified clean up.
⦁ Dishwasher safe.
⦁ Dual handles for comfortability and ease of the user.
⦁ Its ridged cooking surface gives your meat the much-desired grill marks.
⦁ Separating your meat from any excess oil and fats while making sure the meat stays chewable and juicy.
⦁ Made of extremely durable cast iron.
⦁ Usable on all heat sources even induction stovetops.
⦁ Oven safe.
⦁ Heat resistance up to very high temperatures.


  • Poor Customer Support

9. Staub Cast Iron Fry Pan

One thing that Staub cast iron fry pan has right, among other things is the style and its shape. This compact fry pan is made from high-quality and is ideal for someone who is won’t be cooking for too many people.

Staub Cast Iron 10-inch Fry Pan

Check Price and Rating on Amazon

⦁ High-quality.
⦁ Lightweight makes moving around easier.
⦁ Unique design.
⦁ Reasonable price.
⦁ Matte enamel coating that eliminates the need for pre-seasoning, provides great chip and crack protection.
⦁ Heat resistant up to 900 degrees unlike most.
⦁ Suitable for all types of stovetops.
⦁ Smooth enamel colored bottom.
⦁ Dual pouring spouts to make transferring of contents easier.
⦁ Perfect for browning.
⦁ Dishwasher safe
⦁ Available in a variety of colors.

10. Australian Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

This 12 ½ inch skillet provides the users with a wide cooking surface area than most. A wider cooking surface area means the bigger the meal will be made from this skillet which makes it ideal for people who have big families or a large group of people constantly over at their house.

Australian Kitchen Cast Iron Skillet

Check Price and Rating on Amazon

⦁ Made from premium quality constructed cast iron.
⦁ Features unrivaled heat retention for even cooking with no cool spots.
⦁ Ovenproof.
⦁ It can be used on any cooktop including campfires, electric, etc.
⦁ Versatile as it is usable on any cooktop and as it perfect for any type of cooking style – from baking to braising and everything in between and beyond.
⦁ It comes pre-seasoned which eliminates the need for any oil or butter, etc.
⦁ Tough and durable so lasts a lifetime and will not have you buying another for a very long time.
⦁ Its equipped with a long handle with loop and a helper handle, that is useful for both, storage and maneuvering.
⦁ It can also double as a baking dish.
⦁ Cheapest in its class.
⦁ Includes instructions on how to use, maintain season it for future use.

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