10 Best Non Stick Induction Pans in 2020 – Buying Guide

I wonder what clicks your mind at the word, Induction cooktop.

Did you buy your recent non-stick induction cookware with the notion of detecting the same thing in your friend, relative or neighbour’s kitchen?

Or maybe you pursue the trends blindly?

As 70 percent of people want to buy a random article because everyone else already did and they stressed not leaving behind in the race.

One hardly knows it’s pros, cons and the exact usage alone.

Well, if you just bought it but is unwitting towards the features or you are thinking to buy it soon but likewise are unwitting towards the basic features, you are received with open arms.

For a knowledge bit, people look towards this modern cooking aid of induction cooktop due to it’s consistent and evenly heating that ends with the quick making of food.

Who knows if you were compelled because of the familiar purpose!

In addition, a star point of non-stick cookware is its unsticking nature towards food.

With the same intention, the chefs prioritise non-stick material cookware around the world.

What is Induction Cooktop?

An induction cooktop operates with the principles of magnetism.

As the cookware base and the glass cooktop comes in contact, heat is produced in the form of magnetic currents.

However, it is done only if the cookware type also engages the metallic base.

To elaborate it a little broader, you might have studied the phenomenon of the electromagnetic field in high school.

Try to recall how your physics teacher demonstrated this topic and relate it with the induction cooking.

The magnet attracts a magnet which then generates the heat and this is the same heat that cooks your food.

Non-stick aside, the stainless steel cookware is another amazing option for the induction stovetop.

But the Cast-iron, copper should also not be skipped as a nice partner if there is in-built compatibility.

How to Choose Best Non-stick Induction Pans

The market has a sweeping cookware brand enclosing a wide range of induction compatible cookware and also a vast range of not-so-induction compatible cookware.

The point is, how to locate the best pan in terms of power and performance as well as how not to confuse the irrelevant product with the relevant product.

To learn the important and unlearn the inessential science behind buying strategy, let’s plunge into the following indicators with the motive to help you through your walk in the store.

1- Non-stick coating:

Before the very question rises in your head, this thread is specifically focusing on non-stick material by taking in view it’s positive attitude in the kitchen.

If the decision has already been made in favor of non-stick coated pan, there is no further counseling or explanation required.pans non stick coating

As far as its benefits that it draws in comparison to stainless steel, cast-iron or any other else is you don’t need to put so much effort in cleaning.

Also, the food is served quickly.

If your secondary preference for induction stovetop is stainless steel, you can check a detailed comparison between Stainless Steel and Nonstick Cookware here.

2- Lid:

Though we are dealing with the single non-stick pans instead of a complete set, so this guide is optional for some reasons.

This is because a single pan usually does not come with a lid on and there is basically not even much need to ask for it in the process too.

The non-stick cooks fast ideally while you stay on its head and stir the ingredients.

But if it’s your lucky day and you manage to find a pan with the respective lid and it stands on the criteria also, don’t lose it. I repeat, don’t lose and buy it right there and then.

Both the tempered glass lid and stainless steel lid is the right choice for induction tops.

Tip: In case of no lid with the pan, use the traditional stainless steel lid available from the old cookware, the heavy stainless steel lid will not shake or move with the induction vibrations caused during cooking.

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3- Handle:

Since the material is non-stick which means the medium-high temperature is welcomed.

I know your impulsive nature will tend to employ the high temperature most frequently which then signifies more heat everywhere.

Go for stay-cool handles or riveted stainless steel handles for merciful grip while tossing and twisting up and down.

4- Tri-ply:

Well again this feature is optional but it is a great one to land optimal performance and it plays it’s part in durability too.

Don’t fret even if the pan has a single layer, it will do wonders too but the tri-ply layered pan is something exceptional.

5- Induction compatible:

Before buying any non-stick cookware, make sure if there is a definite mention of its induction proficiency.

Because not all non-stick cookware work well on induction stovetop.

And what if you buy a pan carelessly and bring home just to discover out later it’s a disappointment to induction top.

So a little assurance before buying can save your money and emotions.

6- Bottom shape

Similarly, inspect the flat bottom of the pan also because the cookware inclines to vibration with the magnetic current on an induction top.

The not-so-flat bottom can cause you many troubles with the handling, producing horrible noises alone.

7- Price

The price is judged or estimated with the chart of proposed features.

A single pan does not cost as much as more than $50. Whereas, a few branded non-stick induction compatible pans can still retail under $100 especially the pan with multiple layers.

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8- Warranty

It’s okay if you have heard or read this specific instruction a lot before, read this again once. It’s for your security.

Anything with a minimum of 1-year warranty is worth buying while having something with a lifetime warranty should never be backed off for purchasing.

Top 10 Best Non-stick Induction Compatible Pans

Brand NameModel No.FeaturesPrice 
KitchenAidKCAS10ERRiveted stainless steel handles, Oven safe up to 375 degrees F, Domed tempered glass lids, Dishwasher safe, Induction capable.Check Price
All-CladE785S264- HA1Dishwasher safe, PFOA free, Easy to clean, Lifetime warranty, Anti-warp base.Check Price
T-fal2100086427- E93805Thermo spot indicator, Oven safe up to 400 degrees F, Dishwasher safe, Riveted silicone handles, Lifetime warranty.Check Price
CuisinartDSI22- 20Dishwasher safe, Stay-cool handles, Easy to clean, Even heat distribution, Oven safe up to 500 degrees FCheck Price
Farberware71785Exceptional heat distribution, Stay cool handles, Dishwasher safe, Budget-friendly, Lifetime warranty.Check Price
T-falE93808Scratch-resistant, PFOA/ Lead/ Cadmium free, Thermo spot heat indicator, Dishwasher safe, Cost-effectiveCheck Price
Cook N Home2476Even heat distribution, Cadmium/Lead-free, Riveted handles, Dishwasher safe, Easy to cleanCheck Price
KitchenAidKCS10NTLSLightweight, Oven safe, Riveted stainless steel handles, Dishwasher safe, Lifetime warrantyCheck Price
GreenPanCC000071- 001Stainless steel handles, Even heat distribution, Easy to clean, PFOA/ PFAS/ Lead/ Cadmium free, Parented Magneto Induction tech, Lifetime warrantyCheck Price
American KitchenAK012- GBNSPROA/ PFOA free, Tri-ply construction, Riveted handles, Dishwasher safe, Quick ReleaseCheck Price

Benefits of using Induction Cooktop

If someone referred you to switch to the induction cooktop but missed praising it’s fundamental benefits, hear from us.

Cooks your food instantly:

Yes, in comparison to gas or electric stovetop, the induction cooktop certifies the innate ability to cook the chow even shortly.

There is no barrier or covering layer amidst the cooktop and cookware enabling the transfer of heat truly direct and spontaneous.

Control on Temperature:

In opposite to electric or gas stovetop, the induction cooktop lets you take a hold on the control of the temperature levels.

Hence more control on heat flames means more masterly-delicious food.

As some recipes require a quick alter in temp levels at various steps and right here you are free to expose your cooking skills.

Easy Cleaning:

This is the versatility of an induction cooktop one can’t deny, it focuses on heating the cookware pan or pot while it itself remains numb.

If something spills on its top, you can clean it right away.

Unlike other cooktops where you have to wait for the top to cool down completely and then you wipe off the mess.

By the time, the mess sticks to it and it takes double the time for cleaning.

Fit in every way:

These are modern cooktops with the detection feature for the size of the cookware.

As we have to look for the perfect size of the cookware to fit in other cases, because the big size of the pan or pot does not catch enough heat on the small-sized stovetop, there is no such issue in the induction stovetop.

Your pan or pot with get its fair share of heat.

No danger for children:

We know children seek to partake in every task and small children will do no matter how hard we cease them.

Electric or gas stovetop still resides hot after so much time of cooking and we fear for the children going near it, no such risk with this modern stovetop.


The purchasing of cookware specifically, or any other thing, is like investing your efforts willingly first hand, in hope of reliable outcome later.

However, if you are showing carelessness at the beginning or the initial step, make your mind to meet the negative consequences at every step afterward.

Plus, an active cook learns a bunch about the good and bad sides of tools from the previous experiences in the kitchen.

Because no book of instructions can tell you as much about the dos and don’ts as your old cookware can.

So your next choice should be one in a million.

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