Blue Diamond Pan Reviews – Is Really Non-Stick Pan?

If you have researched for the best cookware once or every time you thought to make a switch, I bet you might have come across a very popular name among the suggestions and that is Blue Diamond.

It has got its fair chance of popularity in the consumers as well as competitors because the company has been making exceptionally quality charged cookware.

That too, from the very beginning and it should be appreciated.

To let you know before you start to ponder upon this option, it has got non-stick coating all over.

And if you went a little far with the exploration, you must have been heard it’s particular detailing as it is 5x harder, 10x longer, and 4x heat transfer than the regular pans.

For widely ranged cuisine, it is going to be of great help until it lasts and yes it is going to last greater too.

Blue Diamond Cookware Details : The Best and the Bad Parts

To know if Blue Diamond is worth your kitchen and your money, you are requested to go through the following review narrating all the features one by one.

1- Dishwasher/ Oven safe

The mentioned instructions describe it to be oven safe which is always a rewarded coverage to use it for baking too. In expansion, it has also been implied to be safe for dishwasher, cleaning is made quick and simple even than cooking itself.

After all this, though how much they tell you about its safety in the dishwasher, an expert will always advise you to hand wash it.

For both, oven and dishwasher, the suggested limit is 850 degrees if F.

2- Health security

The brand claims, Blue Diamond is marked to be free of all the manufacturing toxins such as PFAS, PFOA, Lead, and Cadmium too.

However, with this shield, you will only be taking the cooked food down there and not the carcinogens.

3- Price

In contrast to the quality, Blue Diamond does not boast high prices.

It means your kitchen can be honored with its availability and your aesthetic sense with the yummiest food.

Overall, it falls into the affordable cookware category.

blue diamond pans details

4- Weight

Weight requires sincere consideration, forever. So the cooking time should seem and feel like easy and fun rather than a tiring gymnastic hour we all secretly want to escape from.

For if you want to move the pan or pot to the back burner, your hand or arm should be thankful for the allotted duty instead of whining over the imposed cruelty. However, in this case, Blue Diamond pans are trusted to be lightweight.

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5- Looks

Beauty attracts no matter if it is in the person or the thing, you will be inclined to buy something because you will want to see it every day.

The Blue Diamond manufacturers construct the pans with great material and thoughtfully stylish finish to enhance the value of the kitchen.

As with the name, Blue Diamond, it gets a Blue exterior and we all love blue for sure. Don’t tell me you don’t.

We all are fed up with the same blackish texture for every cookware we bring in, aren’t we?

Whereas, it’s shiny surface is too beautiful to miss.

6- Non-stick coating

Blue Diamond mainly extends the non-stick coated surface and it is the only best idea to promote wholesome food over overly-cooked oily food. Though I call it a fruitful health investment, you will not regret ever.

Non-stick surface avoids unsticking of food and yes the cleaning is ultimately breeze plus the heat also spreads evenly through it.

On the other hand, the best thing to take into account with the non-stick pan or pot is its smooth compatibility with almost all the cooktops.

7- Longevity

Blue Diamond has been manufactured to remain sturdy throughout, so it will hardly let you down in the game.

However, to upkeep the performance, you need to be careful while cooking which involves the strict use of wooden or plastic spatulas and not the metal tools. Brace yourself from going against it.

8- Handles

The handles in Blue Diamond cookware are made of stainless steel which are not by chance, stay-cool handles.

Thus the handles seemingly get pretty hot to handle and you may feel your hands, kind of burning with continuous holding and this torture is not acceptable in any way.

But the handles are strong enough to not break in the long run.

As with the former issue, you may try adjusting the temperature to the medium pace only.

Top 10 Blue Diamond Cookware Sets

Blue DiamondCC001602- 001 10-PCPFAS/ PFOA/ Lead/ Cadmium free, Oven and broiler safe up to 850 degrees F, Dishwasher safe, Lightweight, DurableCheck Price
Blue DiamondCC002533- 001 10 -PCErgonomic handles, Oven and broiler safe, Glass lids, Dishwasher safe, Solid forged baseCheck Price
Blue DiamondCC001951- 001 14-PCImproved handles, PFAS/ PFOA free, Warp control base, Metal utensil safe, LightweightCheck Price
Blue DiamondCC002513- 001 1-PC single panStylish looks, Affordable, Lightweight, Forged base, Triple-layered ceramic coatingCheck Price
Blue DiamondCC001950- 001 6-PCIdeal set in the budget to cover all needs, Glass lids, Toxin free, Broiler safe, Dishwasher safeCheck Price
Blue DiamondCC002447- 001 1-PC single egg panEgg pan for daily breakfast, Comfortable handles, Forged base, Lightweight, DurableCheck Price
Blue DiamondCC002534- 001 1-PC 10” frypanLarge pan to cook easily, Metal utensil safe, PFAS/ PFOA/ Lead/ Cadmium free, Broiler safe up to 850 degrees F, Prevents warpingCheck Price
Blue DiamondCC002617- 001 1-PC panMetal utensil safe, Broiler safe up to 850 degrees F, PFAS/ PFOA free, Lightweight, Easy to cleanCheck Price
Blue DiamondCC002532- 001 1-PC 12” frypanBest pan in performance so far, Healthy cooking in greater size, Lightweight, Toxin-free, Dishwasher safeCheck Price
Blue DiamondCC002512- 001 1-PC egg panAvailable in 3 colors: red, blue, green, User-friendly, Metal utensil safe, Long-lasting, Stay-cool handlesCheck Price


Well if you finally decide to bring it home as the latest next option, get you know that Blue Diamond cookware is available both in bundles and as single pans..

I will recommend trying a single large pan first before buying their whole range, just in the defense of your money and taste. Good luck!

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