Caraway Cookware Review – All you Need to know about Caraway

Caraway Cookware Review – All you Need to know about Caraway

According to the Nathan (hope you know this guy) Caraway provides non-toxic, eco-friendly cookware that is uniquely designed and their quality is top-notch. But it’s according to the one who bought this. So, what’s the truth? Let’s check out:

The Caraway non-stick cookware set is coated with ceramic, so we can say it is safe and won’t release harmful chemicals even if you cook at high temperatures. So, in terms of safety, Nathan is right. Let’s move on.

The five elegant shades of Caraway cookware make it one of the most beautiful ceramic cookware in the market. The set not only looks good, but it is versatile as well. You can use this cookware on almost every cooking surface. And it is oven safe up to 650 degrees. So, Nathan’s statement is again correct.

Furthermore, the Caraway cookware sets are free of PTFE and PFOAs, and other harmful chemicals that are found in other non-stick cookware. Moreover, as compared to traditional cookware, these cookware sets are affordable and straightforward to use.

So, all said and done; Nathan, and we will highly recommend Caraway cookware to those folks who want a safe alternative to Teflon coated cookware. With its elegant designs and healthy cookware, Caraway is the newest product in the market that is challenging traditional cookware.

Caraway Cookware Set Features – A New Modern Cookware Set

Let’s look into its features for what the expert has formulated into something we may call total magic!

caraway cookware reviews

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Caraway is not just one material cookware, you are going to get a variety because it’s not just one material that works in the kitchen every time. For me, I love to have every kind, everything because I may feel the need.

So in Caraway, it’s both Non-stick and Ceramic available to enhance the taste of your favorite food.


As per the exploration, every cookware out there is somewhat concentrated to endanger your health and your life with the use of harmful chemicals. Though it will happen with the slightest of leaching and you will not know the food you are eating is a contaminant.

But for Caraway, the product CEO, Jordan Nathan claims it to be utterly non-toxic and there is nothing left not to believe.

Forget if there is any Teflon we ever hear to be present in the cookware we use, (PTFE/ PFOA/ PFAS) doesn’t seem to exist and it was never part of the plan.

The other basic and famous chemicals easily present in other cookware and hardly in Caraway include Lead, Cadmium, and Nickel, etc.


It’s like it’s not manufactured but sculptured with great attention and thus the detailing can be observed too.

All the beautiful cookware out there be apart, Caraway is a new beauty sensation for a solid reason.


Pan or pot is not everything during purchase, after all, the lid is going to get used equally. A good, proper lid can do wonders for your recipe because it is what locks moisture. Caraway lid is interlocking in design which means it is an ideal partner to the cookware.


As a handle is necessary to get hold of the cookware, the ergonomic handles are offered in Caraway, along with the finger rest, a step ahead.

The double-duty handles have space for the spatula to lean on it when not in use and it is a perfect arrangement for the cooking session.

Hence the storage is a breeze in Caraway, unlike other brands of cookware where you have to work a little more after the cooking, in preserving the pan and pot.

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what is Caraway cookware

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Sturdiness/ Quality

Caraway is merely not a health creation of the century but it holds a name in longevity too. You don’t just own the peace of mind knowing you and your family are taking in every morsel and every spoon completely wholesome.

But you also know that what you have bought is going to stay by your side for a longer period than expected.

And what actually let you realize this?

If the cookware is sturdy enough to bear all the cooking conditions, it is powerful, so is the Caraway.

The quality users attract quality products, hence proved.


Caraway has advanced all the limits to provide the unique to us. It’s not just a pan or pot with the lid that you get but a complete storage system to preserve the performance.

This includes a magnetic pan rack where you can place the cookware aligned and clean.

Other than that includes the lid holder which is quite a new idea and yes the other brands should take a notice of it.

Caraway cookware storage

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Stovetop Compatibility

Caraway is high time compatible with Induction, Gas, and Electricity and thus the major sources have been covered.

We usually use the gas most but for once a while, when electricity is handy and portable as well for the other times when you want to cook on induction.

Trust them when they say it is an all-rounder.

Oven Safety

Caraway is oven safe up to 650 degrees and it is massive when the other regular cookware doesn’t exceed above 450 or 500. You get to test the cookware that is around 600 degrees which means a bit of extra exposure and an opportunity to bake the better.


By now, you might have learned that how struggling the period has been for JN because he wanted to be extra careful with each and every part.

You would not want to trouble or disappoint him for being careless with the product that is really special on both ends.

Since hand-washing is recommended, take some time out and be gentle to it, and don’t you test its skills by putting it in the dishwasher. A big NO.

Helper Utensils

Clear and cut, it’s not metal utensil safe so to retain its productivity, the wooden and silicone utensils or spatulas must be employed forever while cooking in it.

Don’t forget, just don’t.


The color selection for the cookware earns genuine gratitude from the consumers.

The colors are so gentle for the eyes that you will get confused between the options, seriously confused.

Including Navy, Sage, Peracotta + Terra-cotta, Cream, and Gray, all of these are equally soul-soothing and unique in their own way.

Open the Box and Get

  • 10.5” Fry Pan
  • 3 QT Sauce Pan w/ Lid
  • 6.5 QT Dutch Oven w/ Lid
  • 4.5 QT Sauté Pan w/ Lid
  • 4 Magnetic Pan Racks
  • Canvas Lid Holder w/ Hooks


The Caraway cookware set retails under $400 with the relief of safety and performance in contrast to much other cookware at the same price but no relief. You decide, what matters to you, the price or the peace.

caraway cookware price

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Why Ceramic as the base ingredient?

Referring to the owner’s personal story where his pan actually turned into the toxic fumes with the constant heat supply underneath, ceramic doesn’t.

Yes, it’s the kind of material that is free from all the harmful chemicals which then means that even if you forget it for a while due to a sudden phone call, it’s not going to be an incident.

How easy is the dishing out with Caraway?

At this age, we are more concerned with the presentation of the food, than the taste itself and I guess it is justified.

The product has totally built with all the facilities the cook needs and Pouring edge being the one is slaying in the show.

It means, you can dish out the recipe smoothly without welcoming the non-sticky part of the process and it is such a relief for those who struggle in this step.

What is the background story of the owner that got him into this business?

Well as everyone is interested to know about the mastermind behind Caraway, so is the master story that needs to get familiar now.

Jordan Nathan tells about an incident that happened to him one day in his apartment while cooking.

He got the phone call and amidst the intentional or unintentional state, he left the pan on the burner and went out.

In the process of 45 minutes, his apartment was full of toxic fumes and he was stumbled to know that it is his pan that is the culprit.

Knowing that something you are using on a regular basis and that too for the purpose of cooking and one day you get to know about its danger and the fact that you have been risking yourself up till now.

The moment is a mixture of shock and disappointment, this is what triggered him to make non-Teflon cookware.

Upon his massive research and a further addition to the disappointment, he states about the non-availability of any safest cookware in the market.

Now it was too important to formulate something sacred of lethal chemicals as soon as possible.

Who is the targeted audience for the Caraway?

In the light of the summary by Jordan Nathan, Caraway is a product for the people of the evolving world.

By this, it directs to the people who are interested in easy-to-use and health-reliant products because nobody got so much time to cook for hours in the kitchen.

At the same time, these health-conscious people don’t even have enough time to inquire about the safety levels of the cookware.

Aware of all these facts, Jordan Nathan thought to create Caraway.

What is another active name behind Caraway and what efforts have been made by them?

Bret Recor, the owner of the Box Clever, collaborated with Jordan Nathan for all the efforts that had to be made to let the Caraway stand the highest.

The chief areas to look upon were the ease-to-use, on-point design, and health safety. All the way working upon it, both of them, JN and BR underwent constant making, rejection, and remaking.

With the belief that the product will come out to be an all-rounder, perfect, and encouraging everywhere to use make a change in the living, they put their 100 percent.

Though the idea behind the total manufacturing was not individual, all the decisions regarding style and ease were made keeping in view the current trends and the need for every house kitchen.

Meanwhile, they also find out that these highest of the claims made by other brands are just a piece of words that keep no value, and then it was even important to bring something powerful in comparison.

From the minimum to the maximum of the formulation has a back of hours of research and discussions before it came out to be perfect.

The storage system, the handles, the lid, the shape, everything has a story behind it.

How Caraway stands well on the moto, ”Perfectly designed for the modernists”?

Caraway is an accomplished cookware brand because according to the owner, he has put a lot of his time into the kind of formulation that saves time.

We, overloaded with don’t know how many tasks at one time, don’t have much time for detailed cooking.

Though we want to eat healthfully we don’t want to spend our precious time cooking for it.

With due regards, Caraway solved this problem of us modernists with the type of cookware that heats up rapidly, is safest, does not require much maintenance and we can’t thank JN enough for it.

How to Use Caraway Cookware Set, Some Tips?

  • Caraway is heat-efficient and with the ceramic as a base, it is non-stick in nature, you need to make use of either low or medium heat but don’t switch higher than this, there is no need.
  • It’s AU Natural and as described above, it’s naturally non-stick in nature which means stay away from experimenting with the seasoning.
  • The use of oil or butter should not be more than 1 or 2 tablespoons, before cooking and while heating. However, the quantity may vary in some cases depending upon the need of the recipe but the ideal concentration is exactly just this much.
  • Once you put the oil or butter, the next step should be to level it up around the complete surface of the pan or pot. Don’t just let it burn somewhere in the middle or any other corner.
  • The cleaning should be done traditionally with the hands, some warm water mixed with the liquid soap, and gently scrub it away all.

Caraway Cookware – FAQ’s

Is Caraway cookware made in China?

Yes, the Caraway cookware is made in China but with heavy-duty ingredients. Due to the superior quality and performance, the prices are also above average.

What is Caraway cookware made of?

The popularity of Caraway cookware is due to its nonstick surface supported with heavy gauge aluminum and stainless steel layers.

How to clean Caraway pans?

Start with rinsing the Caraway pan with warm water. Put on some dishwashing soap and gently rub with a soft sponge. Later, rinse well and dry it with a clean piece of cloth.

What is the price of Caraway cookware?

The price of Caraway cookware is affordable yet non-compromising on the quality. You can get a high-performance 12-piece extensive cookware set for just under $400.

Where to buy Caraway cookware?

You can buy from caraway cookware’s official website by clicking the link below.

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Hear from the owner, JN

Hey Product Hunters! I’m Jordan, the founder of Caraway. We started Caraway because, for generations, legacy kitchenware brands have been marketing cookware using professional chefs to bring chef-quality cookware into your home. I don’t know about you, but as someone who wants to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, and just wants something that is easy to cook with and fits in with the rest of my home decor, this just felt daunting. Existing options have been slow to adapt to consumer needs, and customers are stuck with products that don’t work for them – everything is overpriced and looks the same, no one has space to store a 16pc. set, and not to mention that most non-stick cookware on the market contain a toxic Teflon coating. We want to make things safer, easier, & less intimidating for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchenware. Caraway pairs design and function with an only-what-you-need four-piece set of cookware (made with a naturally smooth ceramic non-stick) complete with the first practical solution to cookware storage. We’d love your feedback! Happy Cooking, Jordan & the Caraway Team P.S.

Jordan Nathan


Analyzing the name, Caraway Home, you can infer that this brand exists solely to improve your home. Jokes apart, the kitchen is a second home to some of us, and kudos to the one who is concerned for our home more than us.

All thanks to Jordan Nathan and Bred Recor for teaming up and composing something we all dearly wanted, a modification that we all deserve.

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