Ceramic vs Stainless Steel – Which is The Best Cookware?

Ceramic vs Stainless Steel – Which is The Best Cookware?

No doubt, there is a difference in the manufacturing methods plus ingredients of Stainless Steel cookware and Ceramic-coated cookware.

But there is an even difference in our approach towards both.

Ceramic-coated cookware is a sort of new sensation in the market past few time while Stainless Steel comes under an heirloom.

Old mothers used to prepare meals in stainless steel cookware and it was genuinely cherished both in means of taste and color.

And the mothers of this age avail both in particular areas and still it gains not less than admiration.

So basically, stainless steel is what was used the most when there was not any non-stick range and it is still used when there is a massive variety of non-stick to replace the stainless steel cookware.

Let’s make it easy by admitting, the game revolves around preferences.

What is Ceramic Cookware?

When we comment Ceramic, we are leading a discourse to two styles of ceramic, pure ceramic and ceramic-coated.

The first style is also called ”Classic Ceramic” taking note of pure clay which is heated up to several higher degrees to make a smooth shape and then the surface is glazed.

On the other hand, the second style is usually adopted in making household cookware which we often indicate as ”Green Cookware”.

However, it is just a standard metallic or aluminum built cookware which is finally accompanied by ceramic enamel finishing on the cooking surface.

According to research and analysis, the world’s best ceramic cookware is fabricated in America majorly because the American companies keep an arm’s length from the use of a chemical element called lead.

And since the kiln baked ceramic or pure ceramic has a greater mass of lead in it, these do not resort for cooking purposes and are rather put to use for decorative purposes.

Being from the family of non-stick cookware, the ceramic-coated cookware also entails less oil, less fat for the food.

Hence less oily recipes are medically validated to be wholesome for it prevents cardiac attacks.

Though the ceramic-coated cookware has its own set of cautions adopted to take care of its life and your life too.

Any non-stick cookware including ceramic-coated cookware should be avoided to be employed at high temperature, its merely for low to medium cooking.

Compared to stainless steel, ceramic-coated cookware carries less shelf life since it lacks the stamina to endure your hard dealings than stainless steel.

No matter how much the brand mentions it to be dishwasher safe, always prefer hand-washing it.

Up to the estimations, good ceramic-coated cookware may cost you anywhere under $150 or $200.

The consequential insecurity in ceramic-coated cookware is of chipping and to let you know that once it is chipped, it is dangerous to use again.

Top 10 Ceramic Cookware Sets

WearEverC943SF6315-piece, Heat resistant up to 750°F, Even heat base, Exceptional warrantyCheck Price
GreenPan LimaMS65Y0R12-piece, Oven and broiler safe, Exceptional warranty, Convenient glass lids, Riveted stainless steel handlesCheck Price
Cuisinart59-10R10-piece, Easy cleaning, Tempered glass cover, PFOA/PTFE-free, Silicone handlesCheck Price
GreenLifeCW000531-00214-piece, Easy cleaning, Stay cool grip, PFAS/PFOA/Lead/Cadmium-free, Dishwasher safeCheck Price
Farberware PURECOOK1749412-piece, Affordable, Exceptional warranty, Heat-resistant handles, Dishwasher safeCheck Price
VremiVRM030046N8-piece, Easy cleaning, Dishwasher safe, Bakelite handles, BPA freeCheck Price
T-falC996SE14-piece, Dishwasher safe, Affordable, Compatible for all cooking methods, Stain and Scratch-resistantCheck Price
Cook N HomeNC-0035910-piece, Tempered glass lids, Even heat distribution, AffordableCheck Price
Rachael Ray1634412-piece, PFOA free, Beautiful colors, Stainless steel handles, Exceptional warrantyCheck Price
Tramontina80110/202DS10-piece, PFOA/PTFE-free, Tempered glass lids, Dishwasher safeCheck Price

What is Stainless Steel Cookware?

Stainless Steel cookware is a fine concoction of many elements that carry out specific actions in the execution of our daily cooking.

For instance, aluminum helps in evenly heating while copper works to control the temperature.

Likewise, if chromium helps in improving the stability then molybdenum may prevent corrosion.

Hence all these elements, as well as carbon, nickel, oxygen, and titanium, perform in a company in order to make it last for decades at least.

Owing to a fact that stainless steel cookware can even last a lifetime because it is manufactured to undergo severe handlings.

It is also somehow safe to use in the oven if the handles are made of good material and do not end up melting.

As obvious, stainless steel cookware demands more oil in the pan or pot before adding ingredients to cook than ceramic which is not so healthy.

Stainless steel cookware put you in fear of leaching of the metals used in the process of manufacturing and this is the only drawback to its end.

Though heavier in weight, higher in price, laborious in cleaning are few of the clear-cut properties you may ever come across while using stainless steel cookware.

But if you have to cook more and cook great, only stainless steel can help you with receiving praises.

Top 10 Stainless Steel Cookware Sets

DuxtopSSC-9PCEven heat distribution, Dishwasher safe, Stay cool handles, Drip-less pouringCheck Price
T-falC836SDDishwasher safe, Easy cleaning, Multi-layer base, Compatible with all cooktops, Glass lidsCheck Price
Cook N HomeNC-00250Pocket friendly, Even heat distribution, Compatible with induction cooktops, Dishwasher safeCheck Price
Cuisinart77-10Drip-less pouring, Cool grip handles, Flavor lock lid, Exceptional warrantyCheck Price
WearEverA834S9Pour spouts, Exceptional warranty, Even heat distribution, Oven safeCheck Price
All-Clad4112Stick resistant surface, Compatible with all cooktops, Lightweight, 3-ply bonded constructionCheck Price
KitchenAidKCSS10ERTempered glass lids, measurement markings, Induction capable, Exceptional warrantyCheck Price
Le CreusetSSP14110Stay cool handles, Tri-ply construction, Compatible with induction stovetops, Exceptional warrantyCheck Price
Farberware70221Affordable, Heat resistant lids, Dishwasher safe, Even heat distribution Check Price
Calphalon1757697-10PCSilicone grip handles, Tempered glass covers, Easy cleaning, Dishwasher safe Check Price

Ceramic vs Stainless Steel – Comparison Table

This table will help you decide what is your current kitchen need and  how one cookware type is dominant over the other and yet necessary at the same time.

FeaturesCeramic-coated cookwareStainless steel cookware 
Cooking TempFor low to medium tempFor high temp
StickinessNon-sticky to foodVery sticky to food
ConductivityPoor conductivity towards heatGood conductivity towards heat
PreheatingNot necessaryNecessary
Cleaning sourceNot dishwasher safeDishwasher safe
ApplicationQuickTime taking
AppealingStylish looks and catching colorsAverage
PriceCost effectiveVery costly
DurabilityNot so durableLast long

Wrapping Up

As the world has changed so did our needs and outlooks, we can’t say if a single type of cookware can make up to the cooking requirements.

To define this, since we take different kinds of food in texture and nutrition at different parts of the day, that is utterly impossible for a single cookware type to stand in all the performances.

Hence both have their own place in the kitchen and both are equally needed.

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