How to Clean An Electric Skillet – Step by Step Guide

As fast as we are growing, we are indulging more and more into the technology and no doubt, it is happening really really fast.
Not in just miscellaneous fields but also in the kitchen now, the gas compatible pots and pans have been replaced by glass, induction, and electric skillets. Electricity being handy at any time, people prefer electric skillets for many reasons that you can have a read about at the end of the article.
I was inspired by one of the reasons and I actually bought with no clear closure but I can confirm, I did not regret a single day.

It took me some days to measure its right method of usage that I am too eager to share with you people because I believe, respect the fact that you get to have food but don’t forget the sources that bring you your favorite meals.

Taking my cooking stress off and providing me with the yummiest of recipes, I can go an extra mile for its care or maintenance, you should too.
Lets have a mutual look, once again, on the tips drawn by me, thanks to my observation.

Cleaning an Electric Skillet; The General Tips and Guidelines

In order to keep utilizing your electric skillet to save your time and otherwise efforts, you must abide by the following so-common steps to ensure the skillet’s life for good.

1- Let it Cool down completely

So most of our busy heads want to take the chores off their heads by rinsing the cookware right after cooking which is, of course, an utterly disappointing practice. Remember only you are in a hurry, not the skillet. It will take its time to get into the shape to be washed as hot skillets are a little sensitive to the water mixed with detergent and then you scrub, it may get offended, who knows.

2- Separate the Power Control

After the job is done, remove the skillet plug from the connector and boom. Wait for some time until the skillet temperature adjusts to the room temperature. Clean the connector with just a clean cloth or slightly wet wipe.

3- Save the Connector

Now the important step arrives, you have to be really attentive to the entire process here. While you need to wash up the skillet precisely, the connector part also has to be saved. You can ask someone to assist you by holding the control system while you rub the skillet, just to keep the water out of the reach. In case you are alone on your own, try wrapping the plastic sheet around the connector and then wash the skillet.

4- Wash it up

Prepare slightly hot water mixed with dish soap in the sink. Put the skillet in it and let it be there so that the warm water absorbs in the residues and weakens the stickiness of the leftover to be removed easily. Rub with a soft nylon sponge or stainless steel wired rubber to separate the residues from the surface of the skillet. Rinse well.

how to wash electric skillet

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5- Dry dearly

The significance is not just for washing but for drying also. The regular cleaning of the skillet with a dry cloth before stacking it in the cabinet can also help in retaining the efficiency that surface holds, more in particular if it’s nonstick.

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Some Dos and Don’ts:

  • For sure you are bound to avoid the use of the dishwasher due to connector but the lid is free to be washed in the lid. You can put the lid in the dishwasher while you hand wash the skillet.
  • Engaging the plastic and silicone spatulas into the cooking will be useful for the long term because no matter if its heat but the heat provided by electricity is of a different kind and can react even differently.
  • For mild off and on cleaning, try in-pan boiling method by simply filling the pan with water and then letting it boil. The residues will be removed off effortlessly and you can just add a bit of soap and rub altogether later.
  • Apply a paste of baking soda mixed with vinegar for about 15 to 20 mins to rid your skillet from unnecessary stains prevailing on the surface gradually.
  • Be conscious of not letting the connector have contact with water. Just don’t.
  • If you want to try some store-bought cleaning agents, avoid the ones that have chlorine or ammonia in it. I personally like Barkeeper’s friend as it is mild yet powerful enough to be effective in the very initial use.

What are some serious benefits of having Electric Skillet?

There are many, honestly, for when I bought mine, there was not just one pro that stirred me to buy it immediately.

First of all, it helps to be an additional burner in your kitchen in case a lot of guests give you a surprise visit and you get to cook a variety of dishes at one time.

Or maybe one day you feel like cooking in your lounge or room instead of the kitchen, you know some quick and light cooking in bad health days, emotion or physical, we have them both. Right?

Secondly, if your cookware does not support the oven use, you can ideally employ this skillet on the job. After this, you would not need any special oven or broiler cookware to kill the necessity. Some people I know, on purpose, use an Electric skillet in place of the oven-safe pans and pots.

The most important benefit is in traveling, you know, if you are staying in hotel, you can cook your favorite meal anytime.

Though these are just the starter gains, you can explore even more once you start using it and I am not even kidding.


When you purchase the electric skillet, if you yet have to buy, look for a glass lid as the glass lids are not only in vogue but also prove to be efficient in dealing with the heat, ultimately helping you with the handling. The current users can save this tip for the next time.

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