Epicurious Cookware Review 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

During this time of the year when I was thinking over the articles that need a replacement, better replacement indeed, the first thing that I came into my mind from my household is the cookware. Maybe in my unconsciousness, I was not satisfied with the results or maybe I just wanted to switch to something even good, that’s human psychology as we always crave something even exciting.
So I silently began with my research over the internet and in my acquaintances to jump over a brand that is simply the best, a step ahead because why not!

One day I was invited into a get-together and there my to-be cookware brand was spotted by me too unexpectedly and there I realized, the best things happen when you didn’t expect them the least.

Thinking about the feast I ate being cooked in it, I definitely wanted to give a try to it.
Later that weekend, I was ordering it and I was way more excited to receive it than I usually am for other needs. The Epicurious has been picked up and there it underwent the experiments and examinations to help you people reach a conclusion for your part of the replacement.

Epicurious Cookware Buying Guide

Since Epicurious cookware are one of the most used and abused products these days, there are absolutely many things you ought to know before you finally make your mind for the purchasing. We just hope this purchase may last you an eternity at least.

1- Material
The brand, Epicurious, does not deal in just one-material products unlike many other newly started brands who have all the products in one material and this does not leave you with enough scope to consider.
From Stainless steel, Cast iron, Non-stick matched with Aluminum, and Copper, you are free to pick up your cup of the coffee, cum cookware.
And whatever the material, the right concentration has made it utterly exceptional for regular use just as the professionals use in 5- star and 7- star. Trust the quality and complete your kitchen.

2- Pieces/ Products
If you are looking for a complete cookware set, they have in offer 11- pieces and 14- pieces set but this does not stop here only. Ahead of daily use saucepan, stockpots, and frying pans, these also have strainers for when you cook rice on a special evening, there is a need. Isn’t it?
Since we have enlarged our recipes circle, we want to eat new dishes every now and then and most of them need special cookware to be cooked, like Dutch oven and Chili pot is a new thing you may want to add in your kitchen this season.
Other than the cookware, the kitchenware is also available in sets and this is a versatile brand, for sure. What you may not find easily elsewhere can totally be found here, in one go. Yes, we mostly overlook the need and use of peeler, slicer, strainer, but Epicurious does not.
What are you waiting for? Go and check what your essentials’ cabinet lacks!

3- Oven safe
Yes, the Epicurious products are good at oven safety and that too up to 350 degrees at Fahrenheit.
You may not believe but these days, the cookware is used more in baking than in cooking. Instead of keeping the two separate, why not have one-in-all?
That’s what my mother taught me to, buy one but buy versatile with as many options to use.
And the safety range is pretty good, above 300 is a great option for occasional baking and you get to trust us for this.

4- Handles
The handles used on Epicurious products are made of silicone which ensures the cool and comfortable grip. I remember the hot spots my hands would feel using another cookware from another brand with not-so-good handles and I regretted over it countless times.
Plus, the handles are smooth and sturdy enough to make the cooking easier and I am not even exaggerating about it.

5- Tempered glass lid
If it’s a complete set, you will be receiving different kinds of cookware, some with lids and the other, open.
But the lids you will get are made of tempered glass which means the lock will be secure and you can see what is being cooked inside, though you know that already but how it’s cooked is a new thing to observe. Enjoy the food adopting rich colors. The glass is strong enough to not to break or get damaged easily, so relax.

6- Easy Cleaning
The Epicurious products are super easy to clean, though, these are dishwasher safe. But yet, handwashing is recommended and it still is easy to clean because the base is designed in a manner not to let the food stick around it. Less sticking, immediate cleaning.
You can use a dishwasher in urgency or if you use particular cookware very often but if the use is daily then considered and trust your hands only.

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7- Even heat distribution
To experience the professional level cooking, there is one element that a cookware’s must-have, even heat distribution.
When the heat is distributed equally around the surface and in all corners, the food is not only cooked fast but develops the best of taste and color too.
Why? Because every piece of the ingredient will get the same attention and the ingredients will extract more.
This is the result, prevents uneven hot spots and the chances of food to stick drops to zero. Epicurious, however, ensures this staple element.

8- Design
Not only the shape and sharpness but the beautiful and vibrant colors are also the next specialty of these cookware pieces that you can’t resist trying out, you definitely can’t once you see.
Because a similar happened to me and I guess I am proud of my purchase. The style is just up to the trend and that justifies it even better.

design of Epicurious Cookware

9- Easy to carry
These are yet again not so heavy but moderately perfect to function in every kitchen and in every hand, men or women.

10- Warranty
Until now whatever Epicurious product I checked out, I found out it providing lifetime limited warranty and this is a kick to give it a fair chance, you are used to giving.

11- Affordability
The price paid is a good price if you are not risking, even if it’s a high price you paid.
But the good news is, even though you are not risking but yet you are not going to pay high for good products. Amazing, yeah?
Anybody can afford their products without contemplating much and it is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone within the kitchen.

Top 10 Best Epicurious Products in the Market

ProductModel No.IncludesFeaturesPrice 
Epicurious 11- piece cookware setEPI- U3550- EC, Non-stick Aluminum10” open frypan, 1.5- Qt saucepan with lid, 2.5- Qt saucepan with lid, 4- Qt sauté pan with lid, 8- Qt stockpot with lid, Steamer insert for 1.5- Qt and 2.5- Qt saucepans, Pasta insert for 8- Qt stockpotDishwasher safe, Suitable for all cooktops, 3-coat non-stick and stainless steel bonded base, Stainless steel rimmed shatter-resistant glass lid, Riveted stay-cool silicone- wrapped handles, and metal utensil safe, etc.Check Price
Epicurious 3- piece kitchenware setEPI- U8653- EC, Stainless steel5- Qt, 2- Qt, and 1.5- Qt capacity bowls.Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe but hand wash recommended, Lightweight, Non-reactive and non-corrosive, Durable, and Professional grade quality, etc.Check Price
Epicurious Chili potEPI- U3568- EC, Aluminum Non-stick5- Qt copper covered chili pot.Thermally efficient, Impact bonded stainless steel base, Even heat distribution, Suitable for use on all stove types, Limited lifetime warranty, Oven safe up to 350 degrees F, etc.Check Price
Epicurious GriddleEPI- U3572- EC, Non-stick Aluminum12” copper griddle pan.Oven safe up to 350 degrees F, Unsurpassed heat distribution, Double-riveted silicone handles, Limited lifetime warranty, Impact- bonded stainless steel base, Tempered glass lid, etc.Check Price
Epicurious StockpotEPI- 58999- EC, Stainless steel18- Qt covered stockpot.Limited lifetime warranty, Oven safe up to 350 degrees F, Heavy- gauge aluminum body, Double- riveted silicone handles, Even heat distribution, Compatible for almost all stove types, etc.Check Price
Epicurious Egg poacherEPI- U7147- EC, Non-stick Aluminum4 cup 8” covered egg poacher.Metal utensil safe, Easy cleanup, Double- riveted silicone handle, Even heat distribution, Impact bonded stainless steel baae, Suitable for use on all stove types, etc.Check Price
Epicurious 2- piece Strainer bowlEPI- U8672- EC, Stainless steel5- Qt and 1.5- Qt strainer rinsing bowls set.Sturdy handles and footed base, Perfectly spaced holes for fast draining, Easy to carry, Non-reactive and non-corrosive, Easy cleanup, and Durable, etc.Check Price
Epicurious Dutch ovenEPI- U0360- EC, Cast Iron1- Qt red dutch oven.Compatible with all stovetop’s, Vibrant enamel exterior finish, Easy to clean, Sturdy cast iron handles, Superior heat retention, Beautiful design, etc.Check Price
Epicurious 7- piece Gadget setEPI- V0406- EC, Stainless steel8.8” corer, 3.5” pizza slicer, 8” peeler, 8.25” ice cream scooper, 8” garlic press silicone garlic peeler cleaning brush.Rust, stain, and odor resistant, Ergonomically designed silicone handles, Stainless steel construction, Easy to clean, Durable, and Affordable, etc.Check Price
Epicurious frying panEPI- U3559- EC, Non-stick13” frying pan with lid.Unsurpassed heat distribution, Moisture circulation, Metal utensil safe, Tempered glass lid, Impact bonded 18/10 stainless steel base, Oven safe up to 350 degrees F, etc.Check Price

Get a step ahead with the recipes, how?

Epicurious has recently launched its cooking app for both Android and Apple devices where according to Eric Gillin, you get access to almost 35,000 recipes.

So the process of learning and trying never ends. This initiative shows that Epicurious is a complete brand with the constant struggle to make a change in the lives of its customers.

Unfold your talent of preparing great cuisine with Epicurious at your back, you are going to make a difference in the realm of Food and Health.


Let’s sum up this thread with the idea of a perfect evening, finely cooked food in hands, a great friend besides to share the moments of utmost relaxation. This is possible if you cook on your own and in Epicurious, there you go.

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