Granite Stone Cookware Review – All you need to know

Granite Stone Cookware Review – All you need to know

The International cookware market is largely dealing with something that has grabbed the attention of the consumers impulsively, i.e., Granite cookware.

To be honest, it totally deserves the hype it has been enjoying with all the due credit submitted to its nonstick material.

According to the American team research on the kitchen cookware market, the ratio of nonstick cookware purchases increased by 2.1% in this season alone.

The cherry on the top of the cake is that, the more popular the brand, the more successful it will be in presenting itself as the earnest choice to the buyers.

This is not just me saying it, the professionals claim this fact.

If you have had experience using the Granite pan or probably have heard about it, it’s the high time you should kick-try the Granite cookware. Because, why not?

The best part of this purchase would be getting some additional goodies in the package. We all love the free-part, after all.

And yes, it is not just the cookware set, it is a complete list of pros that last longer than the expectations.

So, I’m a Granite person this season.

Granite Stone Cookware 2807 10-Piece Non-Stick Cookware

GRANITESTONE 2807 10-Piece Non-Stick cookware review

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Nonstick, Classic


The granite stone cookware set endorses a special mineral and granite coating on a fine nonstick finish to further augment the surface against unnecessary sticking.

Thus the triple-layer granite plus mineral coating also unlocks various other cookware gains in the name of durability, scratch-resistance being the dominant one.

Hence this potential reliability as well as the complete 10-piece cookware set with an additional 5 pieces costs you just under $150.

The classically styled cookware set occupying the eternal sheen can also be availed in the Platinum hammered style but the current one canvases more elite looks and performance.

Heat conduction

The optimum heat conduction has been bolstered through the aluminum layer inducted in the construction to render the cooking of intricate recipes easier.

These pots and pans work simply incredibly on a low temperature as the heat distribution is quite sharp and even so, the maximum you can go about is medium temperature and avoid employing high-temperature unnecessarily.


The oven-safety mark is remarkable in the fate of this cookware set as featuring the degrees above 350 is identical to reinforcing a lot of value in the production and performance of the cookware, therefore, having straight up to 500 degrees F.


No hard and fast rules are to be applied while using it since the material is nonstick that altogether forbids the sticking of food and the secondary coatings propose a sense of powerful resistance against scratch.

Therefore, the surface is also metal utensil safe.

Also, the nonstick surface has always been a pro at assembling healthy cuisines whilst facilitating less use of oil or butter to keep you fit and full of rich tastes.


The cleaning is not only quick and straightforward but also a shortcut to retain the shelf life of the cookware if you wash it by hand and not through the device.

  • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds

Open the Box and Get:

  • 8.5” inches Frypan
  • 10.25” inches Frypan with Lid
  • 1.5- Quart Saucepan with Lid
  • 2.5- Quart Saucepan with Lid
  • 5- Quart Saucepan with Lid
  • Stainless Steel steamer tray insert
  • Scratch proof
  • It prevents warping
  • Superior heat conduction
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees F
  • Simple to use and lightweight
  • Cleaning is breeze
  • Durable
  • The handles get hot
  • Poor customer support
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What a Granite Rock Pan has to offer you?

If you want to be conscious of complete knowledge on the granite rock pan reviews before actually trying them, we have listed here a set of concluded pros and cons after analyzing the products with great attention so you may trust our words.


Warranty: Granite stone cookware usually approve a limited lifetime warranty on all the featured pans and it is determined to let you acknowledge the performance of the product in case you experience opposite views after testing.

Though the manufacturers put each pan into the frame with the ideal concept of making it last longer in your hands, still not all pieces are for everyone and you are free to shift the selection.

On a serious note, if some of the brands dealing in the granite pans don’t provide you with the token of any warranty, just don’t risk your hard-earned money and invest after making calculated observations.

However, the granite pans entailing the quality construction will not let you put a second thought on the need for the warranty card because these will be genuinely long-lasting and useful.

Material: The usual material of granite stone cookware involve non-stick coating embedded along with aluminum at large for quick-release, thick, and glossy finish.

Non-stick material itself boasts a big list of health benefits while aluminum holds a separate chart for adding value to the surface for retaining the heat on long terms.

The nonstick coating is layered either double, triple, or even six times so choose the concentration keeping in view your average pan use in the kitchen.

Cooking experience: As the secret of the good meal lies within the amount of oil you add, it’s non-stick surface literally lets you enjoy the less use of oil or butter which indicates green health bells.

In addition, it’s non-porous surface does not react to the acidic foods and neither does the taste of the recipe change nor does the surface receive any harsh effects.

Maintenance: Among all the varied cookware options available in the market, the granite stone pan is the most incredible option to try because of the solid vintage appearance and durable performance.

These are mentioned to be warp-resistant as well as scratch-resistant if you don’t get too high with the treatment and avoid using the metal spatulas altogether.

These don’t rust at all or easily because of their smooth composed stone-like texture and this is the major pro of granite pans if you can’t stand a single deterioration on your valuable cookware.

These are utterly lightweight which renders the total managing a simple task to do.

Safety: The safety factor of any cookware has been the prime concern and should always remain to be because when we buy it, we do so with the intention of cooking food in it and not just to decorate it on the shelf of our kitchen.

The quality granite cookware are majorly free from the indulgence of toxic chemical concentrations such as PFOA, APEO, PFOS, PFBS, lead, and cadmium, etc.

You may double-check this aspect before buying any brand of the granite pan because sometimes the company does not mention all the chemicals in the toxin-free list and if any of the above is missing there, it means it is present in the ingredients of the manufacturing.

Tip: It is okay to go with the cookware if only one chemical happens to exist in the construction coating because this way, somewhat a little maintenance is suggested on your part and the rest goes well anyhow.

However, if two or more chemicals have been involved in the composition, you need to skip the particular option right away because even if you struggle to avoid one chemical from leaching into your food, the other one will still find it’s way out.

Looks: The black-greyish theme of granite pans are amazing to use and see daily. Apart from the random color of cookware that you come across a great part of your life, granite pans are something exciting and unique to use.

User-friendly: Yes, the granite cookware are actually so affordable except for few brands in between so this fact does not leave you any reason to skip a chance to try it.

Oven Safe: The granite rock cookware are an all-rounder, mostly. You may employ these for side tasks and it will do its job as per the expectation but not all granite pans are established with this notion.

Though they will be great for regular searing and sauteing but not essential to the baking.

Cleaning: Nonstick surfaces have never been the troublesome surfaces to clean after the cooking because of their naturally slippery texture which makes the food rather slide away instead of gripping the pores since it is non-porous.


Not non-stick completely: Even though these are advertised to be fully prepared as nonstick, these simply get off the lane after the usage of a couple of months because of the extremely poor manufacturing and light coating.

Short life: If not taken good care of, these granite pans will not last more than a few weeks because the granite pans are all about its surface and the surface requires detailed attention for maintenance of heat retention, appearance, warp, and flaking.

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Is the Granite Rock Cookware safe?

It is safe to use until and unless it is free from the toxic elements wielded in its manufacturing just as in the case of Teflon such as PFOA, PTFE, and APEO, etc.

Having that said, no granite pan these days can be found without having these toxins comprised in the formation because this is the modern way of manufacturing cookware. This is a bitter but true fact.

These severe toxins eventually turn into toxic fumes when contacted with extremely high temperatures and get the way straight to our food.

The granite cookware are basically porcelain-enameled that hinders the toxic fumes from leaching and getting in contact with our recipe ingredients, that is why the direct use of metal utensils on the granite cookware is discouraged.

If no chemicals are used in the composition of certain granite cookware, well and good.

However, if an insignificant percentage of the chemical has been added to strengthen the nonstick nature of the pan, it is still safe to use but under the following conditions

  • Always cook on moderate heat even if the brand notifies you that it is stable for high temperatures.
  • Quit the use of heavy metal spatulas on its surface.
  • Do not directly wash the pan in cold water right after removing it from the stove without letting it to adapt the normal room temperature.
  • Do not let an inexperienced person use the pan who is unaware of the basic technique to employ it.


Just two years since the granite pans have taken the cookware market by the roll and it’s already everywhere now. This is because the best material to use is the nonstick material and the nonstick exists incredibly in the form of granite pans.

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