How to Clean Burnt Calphalon Pans – A Perfect Guide

Calphalon is a brand everyone has used himself or probably eaten the food cooked in it.

Since it is the widely preferred kitchen cookware, it is likely more vulnerable to diverse good and bad conditions.

Although no person wants to ruin the things they need the most to survive, we are human beings and things happen to us.

Sometimes we are faced by accidents and sometimes our utensils are faced by accidents and we are the culprits, intentionally or unintentionally.

Just a minute of carelessness and the stains get over the surface for good, though for good only if you don’t bother doing anything about it.

Otherwise, it can all be sorted with just a minute of care too.

However, if it is you or anyone else in the home who is guilty of burning the food in Calphalon pan, worry not.

I am about to prove you innocent soon.

6 Easy Ways to Clean Burnt Pans

Products and Procedure

Well, I validate to unfold the solution of the problem straight enough to make it easier for you to explain to any other person afterward.

1- Barkeeper’s friend


Barkeeper’s friend is a distinguished cleaning agent available in powder and soft cleanser form, that your utensils will thank you if you use it.

If you happen to visit many kitchens, I am sure, you will find it near the sink in most kitchens.

Bar Keepers Friend Powdered Cleanser

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⁃              Rinse the Calphalon pan  with lukewarm water.

⁃              Sprinkle the Barkeeper’s powder or cleanser on the spot where the scratch, stain or burnt grease is residing.

⁃              Gently scrub it in circular motion consistently with the scrubber for a couple of minutes. Also, add a little dish soap.

⁃              Wash it out and dry with clean a cloth.

** It will cost you under $10.

2- Bon Ami


Bon Ami is another amazing household cleaning agent utilized for various causes in which cleaning utensils is one. It is also availed in powder form just like Barkeeper’s friend.

If you don’t find the Barkeeper’s friend, it is the ideal substitute.

BON AMI Powder Cleanser for Kitchens & Bathrooms

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The procedure of cleaning the burnt Calphalon with Bon Ami is the same as with the Barkeepers’s.

** It will cost you under $15.

3- Magic Eraser


Magic Eraser (called Melamine foam) sold by Mr. Clean is a hard-core cleaner that gets you rid of any stain out there just by rubbing on the affected part.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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⁃              Wash or wet the utensil.

⁃              Rub the magic eraser on the areas where the stain or burn is in excess.

⁃              Keep rubbing gently.

⁃              Rinse out the utensil.

** It will cost you under $15.

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4- Dawn Foam


Dawn foam is a potent cleansing formula, claiming to absorb 5 times more grease and dirt than the other cleaner of the same brand.

It is a liquid soap that you can turn into the full leathery foam in an additional foaming dispenser by adding water and this liquid soap in it.

Dawn Platinum Erasing Dish Foam

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⁃              Wet the Calphalon pan.

⁃              Pour some foam from the foaming dispenser.

⁃              Take a scrubber and rub it for some time until the burn layers start removing.

⁃              Rinse well afterward.

** It will cost you around $20 for a Dawn soap bottle and foaming refill.

5- Calphalon Dormond


A specially designed product for Calphalon users (hard-anodized Calphalon pan) that you can even use on a daily basis without worrying for the negative consequences.

It not only removes the burns but also retains the surface shine. So it is 2-in-1, cleaner, and polisher.

Calphalon Dormond, Hard-Anodized Cookware Cleaner

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⁃              All you need to do is take a little amount of this cleaner and rub it with the scrubber you got alongside.

⁃              Rinse well later.

** Don’t give up if the stains don’t go off immediately instead keep using it regularly. It is effective but takes time in alternate situations.

** It will cost you under $20.

6- Traditional Tips:

Our traditional tips are our asset.

When nothing else works, these works amazingly. Kudos to the one who invented or introduced these homemade recipes for working things out. Here’s how you can make use of any of the following tips to kill the burns of your Calphalon pan cheaply.

i- Baking Soda


Baking soda or Sodium Bicarbonate is alkali in nature and thus a strong cleaning agent that acts against stubborn stains actively.

However, in most cases. this tip may take a little time to evaluate positive outcome but it will surely do good on its part.

It is not a chemical as we also eat it through baking but still using it wisely put your Calphalon on the safe side from further harm.

Plus, being easily available at home you can save your bucks for a good purchase some time.


⁃              Make a thin paste of baking soda plus warm water.

⁃              Apply two or three layers of it on the Calphalon pan.

⁃              Let it sit for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour to see the result.

⁃              Later, gently wash it off under the tap.

** If the stain is dense, let the formula be on for a maximum time and apply another layer from time to time.

ii- White Vinegar


A lot kind of vinegar is available in the market or in your kitchen cabinet too but the one we will need for the process is white vinegar.

It is highly acidic in nature because of the acetic acid and that is what makes it a weapon in killing the burn layers off your Calphalon pan.


⁃              Take equal proportions of both white vinegar and water and mix well.

⁃              Put this solution in burnt Calphalon and let the low flame work on until it starts boiling.

⁃              After one or two boiling waves, turn the flame off and let the solution be there for more of a couple of minutes.

⁃              Remove the solution in the sink and scrub the burnt residues gently.

⁃              Rinse well.

** You can also replace the vinegar with dishwasher liquid for the same process.

iii- Salt and Lemon


Both salt and lemon have been used as effective cleansing agents since a century. Though if we bring both in one place, it will double the performance.

Be it stain or grease, this mixture will clear away all.


⁃              Take two spoons of salt and one and a half spoon of lemon juice (increase the quantity if it is less for you ).

⁃              Apply the mixture on the area of burnt spots.

⁃              Let it be there for a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes.

⁃              Scrub with the scrubber without being too hard.

⁃              Rinse well.

Tips and Ideas:

  • You can replace your regular scrubber with Dobbie Pad as it’s surface is plastic net. It is gentle enough to prevent scratches.
  • Daily rinsing of the Calphalon pan should be done with lukewarm or direct tap water
  • Avoid high flames- a plain approach to keep it safe in the long run. Thank me later for this tip in particular.


All the cleaning methods listed above do not require any hard measurements and are good in all areas except in some.

If your Calphalon pan is aluminum anodized or non-stick, avoid traditional tips.

On the other hand, if your Calphalon pan is stainless steel in nature, you are good to go with all the valid methods.

In the last, I advise you to be patient with whichever method you pick since patience is the key to and on results.