How to Clean Cast Iron Skillet – Beginner’s Guide 2020

How to Clean Cast Iron Skillet

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Cast iron skillet is perfect cooking equipment, and its popularity is matchless. The major benefits of cast iron cookware are: they are affordable, last for decades, sear steak flawlessly, and when you sue it on a frequent basis can boost the iron consumption. Do you know any other skillet that is so beneficial? We don’t think so.There is a misconception among the users that cast iron skillets are challenging to clean or maintain. We know that you cannot throw these in the dishwasher like any other, but cleaning the cast iron skillet is not difficult, and if you know how to clean it, you will never think about switching from it. We promise.

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

As mentioned above, cleaning cast iron cookware is simple; here is how you can do that:After cooking in your cast iron skillet, rinse the pan under the hot water. Then take a scrub brush so that no residue is left on the pan’s surface. Now, dry the skillet by using a kitchen towel. Ensure that the skillet is dried entirely. You can also place it on a stove on low flames for a couple of minutes.Now, apply a thin coat of oil on the inner side of a skillet. This oil coating will protect the pan’s surface from rust. If your cast iron skillet has a lid, it should not be covered, or you can place a paper towel between the skillet and the lid for better air circulation.This process will prevent moisture from building up in the skillet, and it will also keep the skillet safe from corrosion. Similarly, don’t store food in a cast-iron skillet as the food acids can harm the surface of your skillet. And keep in mind that cast iron cookware is not dishwasher safe.Here are few more cast iron maintenance tips and facts:
  • Cast iron skillet boosts the iron intake in your diet; the food that you will prepare in cast iron skillet absorbs a bit of iron.
  • Never pour cold liquid in the skillet because this change in temperature might cause a crack in the pan.
  • Don’t soak your skillet in the water.
A little determination and time spent on the maintenance of your skillet will turn it in a long-lasting piece of cookware that will offer excellent to you and perhaps your grandchildren.It’s not that time consuming or tricky to maintain or wash the cast iron skillet. So, if you are not using one, it’s the time to get the one.You might like: Best Cast Iron Skillets

How to Clean a Rusty Cast Iron Skillet

If you have a rusty, filthy skillet, it’s the time to think about the restoration process. Depending on the condition of your skillet, you have many ways to treat the skillet.First, you will have to prepare a solution. Take vinegar and water in equal quantity as per the size of your skillet. Now soak the skillet in this mixture. It will remove all the rust from the pan’s surface. You can take a large container that can accommodate the skillet and put it in that container with the solution. Keep the skillet in the solution for one to four hours, as per the condition of your skillet. The acidic particles in the vinegar will remove the corrosion. You can also use the scrub brush to get rid of the rust.Please don’t leave the skillet for too long in the solution because it might affect your skillet’s surface. Keep the condition of your pan in mind before placing it in the solution.If your cast iron skillet has more rust, you will have to soak it in the solution for a long time. And when you see no rust on the skillet, wear the gloves and take out the skillet from the solution. After taking it out, wash it in plain running water. After this, dry out the skillet entirely with a towel, or you can place it on a stove on low flame for a couple of minutes. You can also place the skillet in the oven to make sure it is completely dried out.Now Oil Up the skillet It’s the characteristic of cast iron cookware to form a thin layer of rust on the surface of the skillet immediately after it dries off. To prevent this, take fine sandpaper to get rid of that thin layer of rust and scrub it to remove the rust and other particles. Now, apply a thin layer of oil on the surface of the pan so the rust cannot come back.Now your cast iron skillet is free from dirt and rust; you can season it for better working and long-lasting usage. Don’t cook in the skillet without seasoning it.Read more: How to Season Cast Iron

Best Cast Iron Cleaners

The Ringer – The Original Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner

The Ringer - The Original Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner Review

View on  Amazon

This affordable steel cast iron cleaner measures around 8×6-inches. The cleaner features a mesh sheet that is entirely rustproof and also features stainless steel chainmail.The cleaner is quite efficient, and it can effectively remove almost all types of grime and dirt from your skillet. It helps to remove caked-on gravel to burnt cheese and crust without much effort. The working mechanism of the cleaner is simple, and you will not notice any stripping of the seasoning neither it will leave any marks or scratches on the surface of the pan. Apart from washing your cast iron cookware, you can also use it to clean glassware, stainless steel cookware, and even more.Lastly, it features a little loop so you can hang it after using it, and it is dishwasher safe. Check Price and Rating on  Amazon

Full Circle Tenacious C Cast Iron Brush and Scraper

Full Circle Tenacious C Cast Iron Brush and Scraper Review

View on  Amazon

Our next in this category are made from renewable or recycled materials. This Full Circle Tenacious C Cast Iron Brush and Scraper feature a sturdy bamboo handle with stiff nylon bristles. The bristles of this scraper are made from recycled plastic materials.The brush or scraper works great and looks good too. The overall built is durable, and the bamboo handle can survive the rugged usage. So, there will be no issues regarding the breaking of handle or anything similar even if you gave it harsh treatment.The dark grey colored bristles are effective even if you use them on various materials, including cast iron cookware. It is a much better choice than a standard scrubbing brush and will not look gross even after several weeks. Check Price and Rating on  Amazon

Cast Iron Cleaner and Care Kit

AirPod Skins Cast Iron Cleaner and Care Kit Review

View on  Amazon

Cast Iron Cookware tends to last for many decades. Their lives are also much longer than ours, but it is only possible if you use and maintain them properly. This Cast Iron Cleaner and Care Kit by Airpod Skins allows you to take care of your cast iron skillets and other cookware properly. Each item in this cleaning kit will prolong the life of your cookware.Overall, every item in the kit features premium quality materials such as food-grade, premium silicone, natural oil, and heavy-duty plastic. So, you will not notice any rust, chipping, or other deformation on your cookware.Another prominent feature of this kit is that all the items are dishwasher safe. So, no problem in cleaning and maintaining the included items. You can use this kit for other materials besides cast iron such as stainless steel, glassware, cookie sheet, pie pans, and even more.In the pack, you will get:
  • One chainmail scrubber.
  • One cast iron oil.
  • One hot handle holder.
  • One-pan scraper.
  • One-pan scraper with curved and straight edges.
Check Price and Rating on  AmazonRelated: Best oil to Season Cast Iron

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