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Why we need to make a pan non stick

Firstly the question arises why we need to make a pan non stick . So the answer to this question is sometimes the food particles e.g eggs stick to the pan while cooking.

In order to prevent this from happening we need to make a pan non stick . Making a pan non stick is also called “seasoning”.

How to make a Pan Non-Stick

The pan becomes sticky when it has uneven surface. The seasoning of a pan is done by making it’s surface smooth so we can avoid our food from sticking.

There are many methods used for seasoning but the most useful ones are described below.

  1. Make non stick with coconut oil/vegetable ghee
  • Take a pan which is to be seasoned.
  • Now pour a high melting point oil, for example coconut oil or vegetable ghee.
  • Now what you have to do is spread the oil on every side of the pan.
  • Now the heat the pan for 2 minutes or you can use your oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • After this turn off the burner and let the oil cool.
  • This will make the surface of the pan smoother and non sticky.
  • If you can see your reflection in the pan then its the guarantee that you have seasoned the pan properly.
  • Now wipe out the extra oil by paper towel and use this pan as it is for cooking.
  • You will need to do this every time if you have put the pan in your dishwasher.
  1. Make non stick with table salt
  • Take a pan which is to be seasoned.
  • Put a cup of table salt in the pan.
  • Spread the salt as it covers the whole surface of the pan and brown(heat) it.
  • Now take out the salt and be careful it will be burning hot.
  • Now the pan will be smoothed and non sticky for your use.
  • It’s surface will be reflective which assures you that it is seasoned.
  • Use the pan as it is.
  • You will have to do this every time you want it non sticky.
  1. Make non stick with oil and salt
  • Third method is to use both oil and salt at one time.
  • Take any high melting point oil for example take sunflower oil.
  • Add two table spoons of salt in it.
  • Heat until the smoking point comes.
  • Now take out the extra oil from it and wipe out the remaining oil and salt from the pan with the help of paper towel.
  • If surface is reflective then it is properly seasoned.
  • Use as it is for cooking.
  • Repeat every time you want to make it non stick.

How to make a stainless steel pan non stick

To make a stainless steel pan non stick you have to use the high smoking point oil and use the number first method given above. It will make your pan non-stick.

How to make Cast iron non stick 

Repeat any of the above procedures to make cast iron non stick.

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