How to Season Copper Pans – Step By Step Guide

How to Season Copper Pans – Step By Step Guide

Ever since I started cooking for my living, as I shifted to another city for a job, I entered into the world of Cookware types.

Literally, it jolted my entire being to the core when I learned the number of types and their specialist uses and also the different accurate ways of handling.

Gradually, it started happening and I became the pro, yes in cooking and cookware both.

Needless to say, Copper cookware is known for its beauty.

So the appearance is another factor, many people want these pans in their kitchen.

In addition, a big mass loves it for the one and only reason, it prepares dishes quickly.

Who will want to cook as our ancestors did?

Cooking… cooking… cooking… still on the stove… cooking… a little left.

Nobody got such patience in the 21st century, to be honest, at least I don’t.

Once I cook and leave it for some time for a market visit or other chores, it is still warm and ready to be enjoyed when I come back.

Amidst all, you just need to season it properly and I will tell you how along with many other things that I learned sideways.

Plus, if random cookware research has brought you on this page, it is going to help you tons.

What is Seasoning?

Seasoning involves layering the surface of the pan with oil after the scheduled time period for the sake of oxidation delay as well as for lasting life.

Why Seasoning is Important?

I tell you, it is important to save your recipes from sticking to the pan surface. In case it sticks, I bet the left behind food will not be enough to fill your hunger.

Keep the corrosion and unevenness at bay by following the guided steps.

How to Season:

Seasoning is all about caring.

Yes, ease of copper pan is aided with your own efforts of maintenance and you kind of eat your fruit of hard work for the long term.

The steps are actually so easy and interesting that you will enjoy doing so unless you are not a lazy king or queen.

Process Ingredients:

  • Oil (1 to 2 tablespoon)
  • Normal water
  • Liquid soap
  • Stovetop
  • Clean cloth

Step 1:

Start with washing the pan thoroughly. Not just a random rinse, wash it with liquid soap.

Step 2:

Dry it well. Don’t take it straight to the seasoning step after washing. There is another step between washing and oiling called drying. Well, I am mentioning this because of the fact that people are habitual of being so quick cum clumsy to not let the pan dry before the oil is to be poured.

In this situation, an extra layer of water plus oil forms on the surface and it is difficult to remove or dry.

Step 3:

Take any oil of your choice and spread it evenly on the pan surface.

**I have listed down the good and bad oils and the reasons, have a look.

Repeating for the benefit, do not leave any dry spot.

For smart assistance, use a small and clean piece of cloth to spread on the surface and sides.

Step 4:

Put the Copper pan on the stovetop on medium heat flame until the smoke flames start rising in the air.

Step 5:

Remove the Copper pan from the stovetop and let it sit to dry. Take a clean cloth to dab the surface gently just to absorb the extra oil. Done!

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Good oils to be used

  • Grape-seed oil: It is a great oil for seasoning because of its smoke production. It does not smell too heavy either and hence it is easily available.
  • Vegetable oil: It is a great hit for non-stick surface and let’s not ignore the bonus of availability, every time in the kitchen.
  • Almond oil: This is filled with many health benefits and is light to absorb easily. The smoke production is also on-point.

The other amazing ”good oils” for the seasoning-purpose include avocado oil, canola oil, coconut oil(refined form), corn oil(refined form), clarified butter, and mustard oil.

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Bad oils to be avoided

  • Flaxseed oil: While many suggest it, I don’t recommend at all. This is because it has an odd smell and has even low smoke production. You will not like buying it as it is heavy on pocket, and heavy on nostrils too.
  • Olive oil: Lowest smoke production which is a drawback of seasoning. Isn’t it?
  • Safflower oil: In the unrefined form, it has a very low smoke point which makes it unacceptable for seasoning.

The other some of the ”bad oils” for seasoning include castor oil, coconut oil(unrefined form), corn oil(unrefined form), hemp oil, soybean oil, and walnut oil(unrefined form).

Kitchen Habits to Adopt

  • For Copper pans, always employ plastic and wooden spatulas to cook. The other ones, metal or steel, is quite harmful to the copper surface.
  • Make a schedule of seasoning the pan once in two months.
  • Once you wash it after use, dry it with a clean cloth right there. Don’t leave it to dry itself.
  • Don’t leave it open either. Put it in the cabinet or somewhere else carefully. Though the copper is antibacterial, it still deserves its own place. Give it respect, it makes you yummy food.
  • Say no to high heat. It is for your better. I know it can endure but remember it heats up promptly so no need to superheat it.
  • As suggested by experts, keep the ingredients ready and decorated on the counter before you place the pan on the stovetop. There is a logic, as we know, copper cookware heats soon, it will not spare you any time to run here and there for grabbing spices and cutting the vegetables. No, you get to stand there and just add the ingredients.
  • Avoid induction stove and electric heat on usual. If needed most, you can go for electric heating otherwise gas stove is best on a regular basis.
  • Once a while vinegar cleaning also does wonders to the copper surface.
  • When it is brand new, rinse it with warm water and liquid soap before putting to cook anything.

Wrapping Up

Copper, being a good heat conductor, put forward a handful of perks counting in even heat distribution, lightweight, sturdy build-up, and quick preparation.

Anyhow, to be worthy of all these pros, something to return back is necessary.

Let’s keep it working versed in the kitchen simply by guarding it in the name of seasoning.

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