Red Copper vs Copper Chef – In depth Comparison & Review

Red Copper vs Copper Chef

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For those of you who are not familiar with these names, let me introduce them to you. Copper Chef and Red Copper are both cookware/bakeware manufacturers that are advertised as being good for your health when compared to others and are both made from copper. Both offer high-quality cookware that are not only durable but will also allow and help you cook a variety of tasty meals.

In this article, first we’ll compare the two cookware by setting their copper pans as standards and then move on to mention the top five cookware items by each of the companies that are available.

Red Copper vs Copper Chef: Which One is The Best?

Red Copper pans are not only strong but also have non-stick ceramic that can withstand high temperatures of up to 500 degrees. There’s almost nothing that you can’t do with it. Meanwhile, Copper Chef’s pan is a 6-in-1 non-stick pan which works as a baking dish, a wok, a stock pot, a steamer, a roasting pan, and a rice cooker which makes them both multi-purpose.

Endorsed by chef Eric Theiss, its copper infused coating is heat resistant and can withstand heat up to 850 degrees and because it features induction plate channels, it can heat food up evenly and instantaneously. That translates to better tasting meals with significantly reduced cooking time. Copper is also a good heat conductor and can conduct heat 20 times better than other elements.

Moreover, it can be used on a stove top and in an oven. It also comes with helper handles that makes it easy to move around. Since they are both made from copper, an element known for being durable and corrosion resistant, it allows for your cookware to last longer than the ones that are made from other elements and avoids it to be scratched on the surface.

Another similarity they share are that they are very similar in their non-stick nature or design. No matter what you cook, no food particle will stick to the surface and because it won’t stick, it makes cleaning that much easier. One wipe from a wet towel will clean it perfectly and leave it ready for another cooking round. Both Red Copper and Copper Chef allow you to go without the use of oil and butter, But if you want to know the more details then read our detailed guide about How to Season Copper Pans.

An advantage of using either of them is that they are both free from Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). These chemicals are known to cause numerous health problems. Their absence makes it sure that you are able to cook and consume healthy food. Because of these countless features, they are both more expensive than your regular cookware. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise because copper cookware is really expensive in the first place and copper, itself as an element, is not that cheap either as it has a variety of uses.

While so many similarities exist between Red Copper and Copper Chef, there are differences that clearly signal one being superior than the other. Copper Chef withstands heat better than Red Copper as it is heat resistant up to 850 degrees while the latter can only withstand up to 500 degrees. Also Copper Chef’s pan practically replaces almost everything and works on all stove tops as well.

But there is the case of Red Copper having a sturdier handle, whereas Copper Chef’s handle is a bit hollow. This makes it cooler than solid core handles but yet it can get a little hot when the pan is on the stovetop or in the oven so beware of touching it. Copper Chef is slightly heavier, weighing about 2 pounds, than Red Copper Pan which weighs about 1.4 pounds.

Copper Chef vs red copper

While Red Copper has its advantages, too, like a slightly wider cooking surface, many feel that Copper Chef is the better option between the two as it can cater to any kind of use you can imagine for your pan, with ease. Considering both of the cookware’s pros and cons, even though both of them are neck and neck, Copper Chef does outweigh Red Copper. Below are some of the top picks from both of the companies.

Top 5 Copper Chef Cookware


Copper Chef Non-Stick/Stove-Top Griddle Pan, Copper, 12-Inch

3.31 pounds
● Non-stick.
● Heatproof to cope with the temperatures required for sauteing and searing.
● Suitable for use on all heat sources.
● Doesn’t require extra virgin olive oil or oil sprays on it as they cannot withstand high heating and will leave a thin carbonized layer.

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Copper Chef 12 Piece Bakeware Set

6.95 pounds
● 12 Piece Set includes:
Cookie Sheet, 12 Cup Muffin Pan, Loaf Pan, Square Pan, 8 piece Silicon Ramekin Set
● 12.5 x 17.5 x 1" Cookie Sheet, 10.5 x 14 x 1.25 Muffin Pan 12 cup, 9.5 x 5.5 x 3" Loaf Pan, 9.5 x 9.5 x 2" Square Pan, 8pc Silicon Ramekin Set
● Non-stick

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Copper Chef 9.5 Inch Square Frying Pan With Lid - Skillet with Ceramic Non Stick Coating. Perfect Cookware For Saute And Grill

1.8 pounds
● Durable.
● Non-stick ceramic.
● Unique square design gives up to 25% more space to cook than ordinary pans.
● Doesn’t require the same high temperatures as ordinary pans require due to the placement of aluminum induction plate built directly into the saucepan.
● Dishwasher safe.
● It will not oxidize or tarnish like traditional copper pans that need frequent polishing.
● It is free of both PTFE & PFOA.
● Made of copper.
● Cookware will not leach harmful chemicals into your food.
● Heat resistant up to 850 F.
● A sturdy helper handle makes moving easy although it may become hot, so always exercise caution when using.
● The glass lid provides faster cooking results by keeping foods hot as it is thermal shock resistant technology.

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Copper Chef 12" Round Pan with Lid

5.35 pounds
● Ceramic-tech non-stick coating allows for easy cleanup.
● PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS-Free
● Easy cleanup
● Dishwasher safe
● Stainless steel induction plate and allows for fast, even cooking.
● Heat resistant up to 850 degrees

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Copper Chef 11 Inch Casserole Pan Set - 2 Piece Deep Square Pan With Glass Lid – Non-Stick Square Baking Pan – Multi Use Stainless Steel Induction Plate PTFE & PFOA Free

4.13 pounds
● Can be used as a casserole dish, cake pan, frying pan, broiler pan, sauté pan, steam pan, lasagna pan & more.
● Steel induction plate for rapid, even heat distribution from edge to edge.
● Useable in the oven or on any stovetop: electric, induction, ceramic & gas.
● PTFE & PFOA FREE nonstick ceramic coating.
● No butter or oil required.
● Clean-up is easy because there’s no residue left behind.
● Dishwasher Safe.
● Heavy-duty aluminum construction is hard anodized for maximum durability, ultimate strength, and professional performance.

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Top 5 Red Copper Cookware


12 Inch Red Copper Fry Pan Deluxe

2 pounds
● Red Copper Pan allows you to cook healthier food by eliminating the need for oil, butter or grease.
● It can also be used for baking.
● Comes with a durable, copper-infused nonstick ceramic cooking surface
● Scratch-resistant
● Aluminum induction plates distribute heat evenly
● PFOA and PTFE free
● 12" pan measures 22" L x 12" W (diameter) x 2" H; weighs 3.01 lb.

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Red Copper Better Pasta Pot by BulbHead, Locking Handles and Straining Lid

4.35 pounds
● Non-stick and scratch-resistant.
● PFOA or PTFE free.
● Tempered glass lid includes your choice of small or large straining holes for cooking everything.
● Locking handles to hold the lid secure for easy colander-free draining.
● Stay cool, riveted handle design provides an easy grip for easy movement.
● Includes 5 quart Red Copper Better Pasta Pot, lid, and recipe guide.

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Red Copper Flipwich Non-Stick Grilled Sandwich and Panini Maker by BulbHead
1.5 pounds
● Non-stick and scratch-resistant
● Aluminum induction plates distribute heat evenly
● PFOA and PTFE free
● Includes Red Copper Flipwich and recipe guide

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BulbHead (10824) Red Copper 10 PC Copper-Infused Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

16.1 pounds
● Tough
● Non-stick and scratch-resistant
● Oven safe up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit
● PFOA and PFTE free
● 10-piece set includes: 8-inch fry pan, 10-inch fry pan with lid, 1.5-quart sauce pot with lid, 2.5-quart sauce pot with lid, 6-quart sauce pot with lid, and aluminum steamer insert

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Red Copper 5 Minute Chef by BulbHead Includes Recipe Guide (2 Pack)

3.16 pounds
● Fast and even cooking on the durable nonstick surface.
● Made from anti-scratch, copper infused stainless steel.
● Easy cleaning.
● Includes Red Copper 5 Minute Chef grill pan, spatula and recipe book.

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