Staub vs Le creuset – In Depth Comparison & Reviews

staub vs le creuset

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The world is going mad after two brands with great working properties and you the brands, probably used one out of the two for sure, Staub and Le creuset.

The audience undergoes a high time selecting between the Dutch ovens of these two brands that we have tried to clear in this thread. In addition, there are some frequently asked questions regarding both companies, tackled to make a direction for you.

Have a happy time learning and relearning these two well-known, expensive, admired cookware brands and don’t forget to suggest best to others in the time of confusion, especially when its about these two.

Staub vs Le creuset – Which Dutch oven is best and why?

Staub vs Le creuset, both are amazingly known brands to all of us and as much as one knows these both, the more he gets confused while choosing one in between.

Well, we are going to tell you exactly the reason why the internet is possessing so much hype about Le Creuset vs Staub and that why one surpasses others.


The longevity of a product is the base that we are concerned with, right? At the end of the day, you don’t have to show off the cookware in front of your friends for some praises of your buying skills but have to use that product for as long as one can deem.

Le Creuset:

The Le Creuset cookware makes up a good amount of time, like really good, but once it has to expire, the performance will irritate the hell out of you.


Staub, unlike, gets better with each use. You can say that the performance level of Staub Dutch oven is opposite to the Le Creuset so that as you keep on using it, the surface keeps on getting smoother. Regardless of the manufacturing material, you will end up having a sleek nonstick base after some uses. You may need to season it too then.

Bottom line:

In a nutshell, the Staub cookware maintains the looks with increased performance while Le Creuset disappoints in both cases, but not too soon.


Some start with it and others end at it, being the essence of the whole buying strategy, your budget is all that can let you have the cookware after all.

Bottom line:

Both brands dispense almost equal and alike prices on their products, with not so evident difference to make mention, but Staub with the obvious preference won here again.


While weight does not judge the quality at all but it somehow plays the part in determining which must be preferred over the other.

Le Creuset:

Le Creuset is heavy cookware and admired across the world too.


Similar has to be said for Staub anyway.

Bottom line:

In a nutshell, Staub is heavier than Le Creuset and in a better position to handle your food with a good fit of the lid.

Handle Lid:

The cooking is much easier when the lid has a good handle and by the good, it means to be in length and easy on hands.

Le Creuset:

The handles if Le Creuset are average and just okay while handling.


The lid handle of Staub is more comfortable to grasp and seems a total fun and easygoing.

Bottom line:

The people who used both cookware realized that the Staub had better lid handles than Le Creuset and this is because the handling and the touch when held were superior in the case of Staub.


Le Creuset dutch ovens are available in twelve different colors which are Black, Blue Bell Purple, Caribbean, Cherry, Flame, Indigo, Marine, Marseille, Oyster, Palm, Truffle and white. While Staub is available only in eight colors which are Dark Blue, Grenadine, Graphite Gray, Basil, Turquoise, White Truffle, Matte Black and white.

Why are the Dutch ovens so expensive?

If your proposed Dutch oven turned out to be expensive, it’s because it may be cast iron in the material.

Dutch ovens are supposed to serve massively in the ovens so their material should be heavy and vigorous to beat the high heat temperatures.

Due to the heavy and powerful material construction, a good Dutch oven can be costly.

How can I tell if my Le Creuset is real?

First things first, you should not buy your Le Creuset from the retailer that feels fake to you, you know, the instinct matters.

Such retailers do not provide any kind.of warranty and this is the biggest proof against your purchase that the cookware can be fake.

Other than that, the cookware may come up with a major disturbance in the very first use but that will be of no use because the loss would have been made.

If you are not ordering online, you can do something beforehand, to save yourself.

Therefore, you have to pay a detailed check on the enameling of the cast-iron surface, if it seems rough, beware because the flag is red.

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Is Le Creuset worth it?

The material used in Le Creuset is labeled to be of high quality by the experts. No matter how long it goes, it goes well until then. It can at least go about until your heavy price is recovered from the number of uses you get to enjoy through it.

It is definitely worth your every penny and thus, giving a try once can be helpful for you to decide if you are going to use it in the future or not.

Plus, the color range in Le creuset dutch oven is extensive than any other brand and you can match your cookware with your kitchen interior, let the fun begin.

Is Staub enameled?

As good news, the majority of the Staub products are enameled, both inside and outside. Well, not sure if the minority here exists or not but maybe they have invented some new cookware that is not enameled or if they have some exceptions in variety.

You may die for its enamel-like glass surface and buy it directly and I can tell you, it’s the total worth your money, not in just looks but in working also.

Where does Staub cookware is made?

The originality of Staub cookware is hinted to France but it’s a long time now.

If you know, again first started dealing in cast iron cookware and that’s about the time that all of its products were assembled in France.

With the time, they planned for launching Ceramics too and thus, currently, their ceramic products have been formulated in China.

The earthly colors that the Staub is made in gives so pleasant feeling to the eyes and to the environment.


All these statements have been assembled after analyzing a detailed collection of information through the audience and our personal experiences.

So it is legit to mention that all the data comes from the people who have both, Le Creuset and Staub and they still do prefer Staub, it’s for the reason.

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