10 Best Swiss Diamond Cookware – Reviewed by our Experts

10 Best Swiss Diamond Cookware – Reviewed by our Experts

It’s in human nature, we are always after something better than what we possess previously.

From our dressing to the house we live in, from the food we eat to the cookware we cook in, we keep on making changing’s and the surprising part is, we are never satisfied even by our own amendments.

I don’t remember the first cookware brand I bought because honestly until now, I have had many new and many last but I’m still exploring because an exciting life is always up with a change.

So I take the food intake quite seriously, I want my family to eat healthy though each bite should be wholesome.

The chief drawback of any cookware is, it looks good outwardly but when it comes to performance, just awful.

And we, human beings, always fall for appearance first, don’t we?

This is my personal story from the previous cookware, I went after the good looks of a cookware set hoping for the cooked food to be good too.

Sadly, the cookware started leaching in just the second week and I was left repenting over my choice.

But this happening made me learn how researching is too important in this ear where we are so easily taken by the surface while the reality is totally different.

I confronted Swiss Diamond then, and here you see I have checked it’s each and every part, each and every trait to its root.

Why Swiss Diamond is named this way?

From Swiss Diamond, the word Swiss is taken after Switzerland since the company has the back of Switzerland and all the pieces are constructed there.

Well, it is another outrageous factor to consider the supremacy of the product that it has been assembled with quality and into quality.

Moving forward, the latter part, Diamond has the story of diamonds being used in manufacturing.

Popular in the world of nonstick, they assign nonstick coating that involves diamonds up to 240,000 diamond crystals for an extravagant effect in each use and it is justified.

This is by far one of the most amazing factors that compel one to try this out.

Swiss Diamond Cookware Reviews

This portion is going to assist you high time in deciding whether this brand is your next stop or not. We have tested each and every product in detail for some time and come up with the following results plus research that what Swiss Diamond has in store for you, definitely what your kitchen has for you later.

1- Material

So let’s begin the reviewing of this brand with its material, Swiss Diamond normally deals more in Patented Nonstick and quite less in Stainless Steel.

Our list below has just one cookware set in stainless steel and the rest are almost all made of nonstick with cast aluminum.

(a) Nonstick

Nonstick, for a reason, has been winning our kitchen for a good deal of time now. It makes your food faster, does not stick and hence the cleaning is a breeze too. If we analyze our way of living apart from the cookware, this is what we want. Do you agree?

We want everything in fractions of time now and therefore, we have become impatient likewise. Keeping this in view, Swiss Diamond has taken care of the need of contemporary users and got benefited back too.

Though nonstick imparts the threat of leaching in maximum context, however, it’s thick construction with as many numbers of layers denies this factor kindly.


  • Quick preparation of meals and thus conserve a lot of time for other chores
  • Less use of oil and butter
  • Great for sticky foods because it has a nonstick surface, the food is not going to stick after all
  • Easy cleanup


  • Greater risk of manufacturing chemicals to chip and flake
  • Hard to maintain because it gets scratched easily
  • Metal utensils cannot be used

Essential Care:

The nonstick cookware should not be put into the dishwasher and not be employed at high temperatures as it demands an extra series of care, this is what going to lead your cookware to the years of use.

(b) Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another favorite choice of our kitchen hold because it’s being employed for decades and the food cooked in it has an entirely different taste and nutrition.

Though stainless steel does not give a warning of leaching, it’s really bad in sticking of food and this really takes you by nerves at times.

Because you have to stay right on the head of the pot or pan to stir again and again just to prevent the sticking and it’s awful for a busy head.

On the other hand, the stainless steel cookware also requires more oil than nonstick, because of the surface and this practice has direct effects on the health.


  • Even heat conduction prepares food quickly
  • Once bought goes a long way, really durable
  • Non-reactive
  • It’s safe because it is away from the leaching
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to maintain


  • Stainless steel with no aluminum and copper involved in construction should be avoided as it’s not long-lasting without these elements
  • Food sticks badly
  • Good ones are too expensive mostly

Essential Care:

The stainless steel must be avoided for use on high temperature as it is intrinsically made to endure low and medium temperatures only.

There you go for high temperature, here you lose your cookware eventually.

2- Number of pieces

Swiss Diamond presents a different numbered sets from 2 piece pans to 10 piece complete sets as per needs.

But one thing you need to know, a 10 piece set does not mean 10 different kinds of cookware but it means some different kinds of cookware with the lids. The lids here are also counted as a separate piece which then makes the total number of a complete set.

Our list has a 10- piece nonstick set and also a 10-piece stainless steel set, in case you are considering to have one of any.

Other than that, a 9, 6, 4, 3 piece sets are also available at good prices.

Suppose your needs and go after one!

Swiss Diamond Cookware Reviews

3-  Oven Safety

Swiss Diamond has been bestowing the oven safety up to 500 degrees F and it is great on account of occasional use. Most of the brands dispense just 350 degrees safety and the majority of the baking also demands around 350 degrees.

But as the limiting line and the need is too similar, just 350 degrees, the danger of getting the cookware damaged is greater too.

Hence, the cookware with a maximum of 500 degrees oven safety imparts a sort of exposure that your 350 degrees need will not do any harm at the end of the day.

4- Handles

The ergonomically designed stay-cool handles add to its properties because handling is directly proportional to cooking. According to experts, if your way of cooking involves a lot of handling, the chances are greater that you may cook delicious then too.

Cookware, where the feature of stay-cool handles is absent, just know that the audience is not going to appreciate it much.

5- Even heat distribution

All the Swiss Diamond cookware promises even heat distribution to cater to any kind of dish as fast as possible.

Because honestly gone are the days when you would stand with patience to get the heat reach on point all around.

We, humans, are getting fast and so we need fast equipment at hand too. With time, we are getting more absorbed in quality food but the food that is cooked fast and hence this property has somehow become a priority. But with Swiss Diamond, you don’t really need to worry about your food reaching your table. It will be on time, you see.

6- Maintenance

Although the material used in each Swiss Diamond piece is high-end in terms of credibility and execution but still some part of care is required on us consumers too.

Not much but a little everyday attention can put your cookware set to the use till 5 years from now and it is a big achievement of any company.

So all the pieces should be avoided from high temperatures and must be assembled well after every use.

This has to be done to keep the hot spots at bay as well as to avoid the unwanted warping.

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7- Cleaning

Some of the Swiss Diamond cookware is dishwasher safe but the wise decision would always be to hand wash it, no matter how busy your day went and is going to. A little hard work can not only maintain the performance but the looks also. Refrain from cleaning the stainless steel cookware right after the use and let it get to the room temperature first but for nonstick, it’s better to wash it when it’s mildly warm.

Therefore, avoid too hot or too cold water either, instead go for lukewarm water every time. It will work as a life saviour for your tools, seriously.

For Stainless steel, in case it earns some bad stains, use a good cleaning agent like Barkeeper’s friend or maybe some baking soda to say goodbye to them.

8- Recommended Stovetops

Surprisingly, the Swiss Diamond’s range of valid cooktops is enormous as from usual gas, electric to induction, it also promotes the use of halogen, glass, and radiate ring.

The unusual ones are not suggested for regular use though but once-in-a-while is a great deal one can enjoy so far for a healthy switch.

In addition, not all Swiss Diamond cookware are good to go with induction but just a few sets, mentioned below in our table if you are interested to buy one.

Electric cooktops serve supremely when you don’t want to go to the kitchen or God forbidden when you are sick with no attendee, just cook there with the side socket of your bed and take care of yourself.

These are great to take with yourself on traveling, get along best for a variety of purposes.

9- Lids

The tempered glass lids with adjustable steam vent enhance the cooking, monitor each color and let the food cook in its own steam get the best of taste.

The tempered glass lids have been a favorite characteristic for many of us since it reduces the number of times we check the development of our recipe as it can be seen straight from the glass now.

10- Price

Swiss Diamond, not too expensive and not too cheap either, is quite affordable if you are serious about the quality and consider it too.

Well, generally, thinking to buy a Swiss Diamond set based on its price would be too foolish of a decision.

11- Interior and Exterior

The rivet-free interior and the flat base not only encourage fast and reliable cooking but also persist well in overall maintenance.

On the other hand, the exterior of the Swiss Diamond cookware also carries a sturdy build-up thus keeping with the quality along with the definite looks.

12- Warranty

Swiss Diamond provides a lifetime warranty on most of the sets, not all, but the majority is entertained with this beloved warranty.

You can check your respective model well to ensure the warranty card.

Top 10 Best Swiss Diamond Cookware Sets

ProductMaterial/ Model No.IncludesFeaturesPrice 
Swiss Diamond 10 Piece Set: Ultimate Kitchen KitNon-stick, 60108” inches Fry Pan, Larger 9.5” inches Fry Pan,
3.2- Qt Sauté Pan,
9.5” inches Lid that fits both the skillet and the sauté pan,
1.4- Qt Saucepan and the lid,
Larger 2.2- Qt Saucepan with Lid for big batches with lid, 8.5-Qt Stock Pot with a lid.
Oven safe up to 500 degrees F, Tempered glass lids with adjustable steam vent, Made in Switzerland, Diamond- reinforced nonstick coating, Ergonomic stay-cool handles, and is compatible with Gas, Electric, Radiant Ring, Ceramic, Halogen, etc.Check Price
Swiss Diamond 6 Piece Set: Newlywed Kitchen KitCast Aluminum, B0018ACXPQ8” inches fry pans and 10” inches fry pan, 2.2- Qt saucepan with lid, 5.5- Qt soup pot with a lid. Suitable for use on gas and electric cooktops, Rivet-free interior prevents food buildup, Heavy-duty cast aluminum prevents warping, Easy to clean, and Ergonomic handles to maintain balance, etc.Check Price
Swiss Diamond 9 Piece Set: Family Kitchen KitPatented nonstick coating with cast aluminum, 6098” inches fry pan, 10.25” inches fry pan with lid, 10” inches sauté pan (deep-sided fry pan) with lid, 2.2- Qt saucepan with lid, and 5.5- Qt soup pot with a lid.PFOA-free, Easy to clean, Rivet-free interior, Oven safe up to 500 degrees F, and Flat base cause even heat distribution, etc. Check Price
Swiss Diamond HD Classic 4 Piece SetNonstick, 60410.25” inches Fry Pan, 9.5” inches Casserole with lid, and 11x11 inches Square Grill Pan.Heat-tempered glass lid with an adjustable steam vent, PFOA free, Dishwasher safe, Oven safe up to 500 degrees F (260 C), Made in Switzerland, etc.Check Price
Swiss Diamond 3 Piece SetNonstick, 62811" inches fry pan, and a 4.3- Qt saucepan with a lid.Ergonomic handle and rivet free interior, Oven safe up to 500 degrees F, Suitable for use on gas and electric cooktops, Even heat distribution, and durable, etc.Check Price
Swiss Diamond Induction 6-Piece Cookware SetNonstick, 6006i8" inches fry pan, 9.5" inches fry pan, 8" inches saucepan, 9.5" inches soup pot, 8" inches glass lid that fits fry pan and saucepan, and a 9.5"inches glass lid that fits fry and Even heat distribution, Induction compatible, Rivet free interior, PFOA free, and easy to clean, etc.Check Price
Swiss Diamond 2 Piece SetNonstick, 6029.5" inches fry pan and an 11" inches fry pan.Easy cleanup, Heat tempered glass lid, Made in Switzerland, Ergonomic handle, and oven safe up to 500 degrees F, etc.Check Price
Swiss Diamond 2 Piece SetNonstick, 28211" inches fry pan and an 11" x11" inches low sided grill pan.Oven safe up to 500 degrees F, Warp free, Even heat conduction, Rivet free interior, and durable, etc.Check Price
Swiss Diamond Premium Stainless 10 Piece Complete Kitchen SetStainless steel, PSL10SETSD19.5" inches fry pan, 11" inches fry pan, 6.3" inches saucepan with lid, 8" inches saucepan with lid, 11" inches sauté pan with lid, and a 9.5" inches stockpot with a lid. Stainless steel & aluminum construction,
Measurement markings,
Compatible for all cooktops,
Satin exterior, and oven safe up to 500 degrees F, etc.
Check Price
Swiss Diamond Induction 3-Piece Cookware SetNonstick, 6008i10" inches fry pan, 10" inches casserole and glass lid that fits both.PFOA-free, Made in Switzerland,
Oven-safe up to 500 degrees F,
Stay-cool ergonomic handles, Easy to clean, and durable, etc.
Check Price

What is the purpose of Diamond infusion in Swiss Diamond Cookware?

Diamond, or in the second form, carbon as it is 100 percent carbon, is a well-known stone been worn for a long long time now.

Diamonds are considered a great gift, the taker will be high-time appreciative towards the choice of the giver and if someone gifts you a Swiss Diamond set, be relieved the same way.

Once sharpen and put into the shape, the diamond is quite hard to develop a second change then.

This is what Swiss Diamond connotes in some sense, the cookware’s strength is to be estimated or related to the strength of the divine Diamond stone.

Since diamonds are durable, so is your cookware. Well, puns apart, Swiss Diamon really is durable and to judge our statement, you get to try it first and then leave the opinion.

Did you know, Diamonds are a good conductor of heat?

This can be account as the second pun or a riddle being solved, Swiss Diamond cookware imparts great heat conductivity.

You will always find a hard-core chef using the cookware with evenly heat conductivity, for a reason that you know.

An assessment calls a diamond to be four times more conductive than copper, we have been running after copper cookware all due to this.

If your daily cuisines include a lot of searing, you are going to get aided a lot again.

Now you know why Swiss Diamond is fond of dealing in nonstick cookware more than any else, because of diamonds with innate nonstick properties.

This is like, gaining a dual nonstick activation, some from diamond and the other from the brand’s manufacturing.

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How to judge the credibility of the brand?

Swiss Diamond has been leading the world of nonstick cookware for three years with lots of regards and distinctions that need to be showcased.

Ranked on top in Australia and New Zealand, the US consumer organization had also acknowledged it to be an excellent nomination for kitchen use.

Following are the encouragement cum distinctions that Swiss Diamond has received in such a short span of time making our selection the safest and hence prominent.

  • Gold Medal Winner – International Exhibition of Inventions
  • Best Nonstick Cookware – leading U.S. consumer reporting organization
  • The Rolls-Royce of Nonstick Fry Pans – Wall Street Journal
  • Recommended for vegan and vegetarian cooking – American Vegetarian Association
  • Recommended – Cooking Club of America

Swiss Diamond has its own interesting plus productive way of the manufacturing process comprising the use of recycled products to reduce waste and boost the rendition.


With Swiss Diamond, make your pick a pick of the season with never-ending craze and excitement to use it on different surfaces and for different cooking.

We will be waiting for your feedback, bought on our recommendation but kudos to your choice after all!

Check Swiss Diamond on  Amazon

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