7 Types of Refrigerators – Comprehensive Guide 2022

7 Types of Refrigerators – Comprehensive Guide 2022

Your refrigerator is one of the essential items in your home. It keeps food fresh and cold, and it can be a great place to store leftovers or make meal prep easier. But there are many different types of refrigerators on the market today, with some being more suited for certain lifestyles than others. So what type should you buy? Let’s find out!

Standard Refrigerators

Traditional refrigerators are further classified into many parts, and usually, they are categorized through their doors and how their doors open up.

Standard refrigerators are common ones that we have seen while growing up. However, if you opt for any of these, you will not be able to use advanced features that innovative refrigerators offer, such as smart options and see-through designs.

The Different Types of Standard Refrigerators

The most commonly used sub-categories of standard refrigerators are given below for your reference:

Top-Freezer Refrigerators

This is the classic style of refrigerators serving us for decades. You will find a refrigerator with dual doors in this category, one for the fridge and the top one for the freezer. The other styles have just one door. Despite being the classic, these types of refrigerators are not the most attractive; hence some top manufacturers don’t design these refrigerators.

FRIGIDAIRE 2 Door Retro Refrigerator with Top Freezer
FRIGIDAIRE 2 Door Retro Refrigerator with Top Freezer

Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators

This style is the opposite of top-freezers. However, Bottom-freezer refrigerators are pretty popular among users, and we can say that these are more useful and popular than top-freezer styles. Besides, almost all leading companies are manufacturing bottom freezer refrigerators.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Side-by-side refrigerators are emerging as the leading choice of most home users due to their effectiveness and elegant looks. These models feature a freezer on one side of the refrigerator and a standard refrigerator on the other side.

The freezers in these models are extra generous. Hence these are ideal for frozen items. Another advantage of side-by-side refrigerators is over others is that no need to twist or bend to access the fridge.

However, an obvious drawback of these models is that energy loss is higher than the others due to the large and wide opening.

Kenmore 36 inch Side-by-Side Refrigerator
Kenmore 36 inch Side-by-Side Refrigerator

French-Door Refrigerators

The french-door refrigerators usually come with three doors. The top compartment is the refrigeration portion, and it features dual doors. The freezer in this style is generally in the form of a drawer that you can pull out when needed. However, the freezer has just one compartment but multiple drawers.

Some French-door refrigerators come with additional drawers placed between the freezer and the top compartments. The most significant advantage of these refrigerators is that it is the most energy-efficient fridge on the market.

Lastly, the French doors refrigerators are also ideal for tight spaces as they require less clearance space to open a door.

SAMSUNG Stainless Large Capacity French Door Refrigerator
SAMSUNG Stainless Large Capacity French Door Refrigerator

Column Refrigerators

Column refrigerators are mainly individual single-column refrigerators that you can place side-by-side or in any other configuration. These refrigerators are attractive, sleek, and blend well with any kitchen or interior décor. However, they are expensive than the others.

As these are high-end options, so you will find them in many finishes, hardware options, and plenty of customization options.

Quad or Four-Door Refrigerators

This is the latest type of refrigerator in the market with great specs and configurations. Basically, Quad refrigerators are upgraded versions of the classic French-door refrigerators.

In Quad or four-door refrigerators, you will find two common configurations.

The first configuration or style features the top compartment while the freezer is at the bottom side.

The second configuration features French doors on the top side but includes drawers at the bottom side instead of split doors. Some models also feature a specialty drawer in the middle. The freezer doors also have ample storage space with internal drawers.

Innovative Refrigerators

There are many different styles of refrigerators that have been popping up recently. However, one style is becoming more popular among geeks and techies, with its bright colors and sleek design elements, the innovative refrigerators or smart refrigerators.

Now companies have started to make their refrigerators smarter than ever before, which is good for consumers.

Innovative refrigerators, aka smart refrigerators, are ideal for storing food for an extended time and bringing a new level of convenience to your kitchen. If you want quick and straightforward food storage or want to make a statement, this is the best type for you.

However, its hefty price tag is its biggest drawback. Similarly, maintenance cost is also higher than traditional refrigerators.

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The Different Types of Innovative Refrigerator Features

There is a slew of different ways companies have been including tech into their fridge design methods. The most common are mentioned below.

Separate Specialty Drawers

Some smart refrigerators models come with separate drawers. These versatile drawers are entirely separated from the refrigerator and freezer. You can use these drawers in many ways, and these are extremely useful.

The drawers can be used as an additional crisper drawer, a separate drawer for meat items, and you can also use them as an extra freezer. To some extent, these are neutral zone selected for you. This can be a handy storage option for those who store bulk items.

See-Through Door Refrigerators

Nowadays, almost all companies are putting windows in refrigerator doors, or the models have glass doors that look awesome. Ease of usage is the best in such models. Besides, some see-through door refrigerators have a smart version and have a camera inside them that you can access via an app from your phone.

Refrigerator Type By Installation Method

Refrigerators are also classified by installation methods. The common types of refrigerators by installation method are:

Counter-Depth Fridges

You can install the counter-depth refrigerators according to the depth of your kitchen counters. In addition, this type of refrigerator can be flushed with your kitchen counters. This unique layout provides your kitchen with a fused and organized look, and you can also move it when needed.

However, counter-depth refrigerators are smaller than traditional refrigerators. Hence these are suitable for small families.

KoolMore RS-FR22 Counter Depth Fridge
KoolMore RS-FR22 Counter Depth Fridge

Full-Depth Refrigerators

Full-depth refrigerators are simple to install. Besides, these refrigerators are much deeper than the counter-depth refrigerators. Full-depth refrigerators look good in large kitchens, and their ideal placement is at the end of kitchen cabinets, such as in a corner, or at any independent spot near kitchen counters.

Built-In Refrigerators

The built-in refrigerators are the best choice for folks who have a custom kitchen space as they are customized as per your storage needs and built elegantly into your cabinetry.

However, this is the most pricey option, but increasingly popular as well.

Built-in refrigerators feature custom specs, widths, and depths. Besides, often these models are tailored made as per kitchen setup.

Moreover, built-in refrigerators are pretty spacious as possible, but their depth is less than a full-depth refrigerator. The other drawback of these models is that you cannot get “smart refrigerators” in this category.

Beverage Refrigerators/Coolers

Beverage coolers are used to store beverages, and they are smaller than the others. Usually, the coolers are tucked under the kitchen cabinets or bar counter. You might come across large coolers, but they are not that common.


Kegerators are the same as a mini-refrigerator, but they come with a keg and tap at the top side. These are mostly placed on a bar countertop. Kegerators are ideal for beer lovers and bring a luxury feel to your kitchen.

Mini or Compact Refrigerators

Mini or compact refrigerators are perfect for small families or bachelors, and they are designed to hold a small quantity of food and beverages. Plus, these models are affordable and ideal for college dorms and hotel rooms.

Wine Refrigerators

Wine refrigerators are slightly different from typical bar refrigerators as they are inclined to keep soda and beer chill. With a wine refrigerator, you can keep beer and wine at the optimal and serving temperature.

Moreover, you can also use wine refrigerators as an add-on to your kitchen, and you can place them in a built-in kitchen cabinet. They bring a “wow-factor” to your kitchen or wet bar.

Walk-In Freezer or Refrigerator

Walk-in refrigerators or freezers are common types of refrigerators, and they are ideal for people with a professional or commercial setup. Mostly, you will see them in food or cold storage warehouses, restaurants, and marts.

However, you can also use these in your home or in mansions. Walk-in Freezers and refrigerators are also the first choice of users who are engaged in the catering business and operate from their homes. However, remember that these consume a lot of power.

Refrigerator vs Fridge

According to a layman language, these two terms – fridge and refrigerator are interchangeable.

However, if you want to be extra specific, we will explain the common differences between fridges and refrigerators.

Refrigerators are appliances that have both standard cooling and freezing sections like most of us have in our homes. The cooling compartment stores food, while the freezer’s compartment is mainly used for frozen items and ice forming.

On the other hand, the fridge is the one that we usually see in malls, hotels, bars, restaurants, and other business places.

As for the technical side, the refrigerator’s temperature is maintained a few degrees more than the water’s freezing point to prevent ice formation in preserved food items. However, the freezer’s temperature is set below the water’s freezing. Explore some other technical differences between the two:  

Another significant difference between refrigerator and fridge comes in their size. This is because both have a different purpose of serving.

Different Purposes

Both these appliances can store foodstuff at lower temperatures, but refrigerators are more powerful in terms of cooling than the fridge. Plus, the fridge has a dedicated freezer, while a fridge doesn’t have a freezer compartment. So, refrigerators are more spacious than fridges.

In simple words, we can say refrigerators are an upgraded and more powerful variant than fridges.

A fridge is an essential appliance that helps store food and drinks for easy access. The most common types of fridges in the market are:

Mini Fridge:

Usually, mini or compact fridges are designed to preserve small cans and other snacks, not for large food items. However, many popular companies such as LG, Videocon, Haier, and others offer high-quality mini-fridges. You will mostly find these fridges in hotel rooms, college dorms, small kitchens, or home bars.

RCA 3.2 Cu Ft Single Door Mini Fridge
RCA 3.2 Cu Ft Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer

Small Fridge:

Small fridges are a bit smaller than the standard ones. Mostly, you will find these in apartments and small kitchens. However, the storage space is limited, and these are not suitable for commercial purposes and large families.

Single Door Fridge:

As the name states, these are the standard and the most used type of fridge. Single door fridges have two styles. Some single-door fridges have a freezer at the bottom side or top, while some don’t have a freezer compartment.

Tall Fridges

Tall fridges are like standard ones, but they are more spacious than standard fridges. Some models of the tall fridge have adjustable shelves with drawers that you can use to store fruits and vegetables. Tall fridges also have a dedicated freezer and excellent cooling and freezing ability.

Under-counter Fridges

Under-counter fridges are not that spacious, and they are ideal for couples who don’t need much storage space. Usually, they are placed under kitchen counters and look great.

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