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In a range of overused, trusted and prominent cookware sets out there, you will find All-Clad in the first rows.

If you already have it or if you are planning to have it, let me tell you cleaning is a part of cooking, right after cooking.

As people know a goodly number of cleaning methods, they don’t know which one to apply on which material. This is the dilemma of our society first and the kitchen later.

I have seen many people ruining their expensive and newly bought All-Clad pans just because their knowledge was deficient to give their cookware the right treatment.

This ill-behavior of the Chef saddens the pot or pan and it refuses to work properly, yes not suddenly but gradually with time.

This is how a small child responds to your scolding, consider a pan the child too.

You are simply going to lose it over some time.

What next? Buy a new pan?

What about being careful in the first place than to spend twice later?

That’s what I’m telling you since the beginning that knowing the right cleaning method for the right cookware material is as important as to have your meals daily.

I hope I’m not exaggerating with the explanation-examples.

Since All-Clad is not about just one type, I am going to explain for each type, for the whole All-Clad family.

Learn and spread the knowledge to other chefs.

How to clean All-Clad Pans:

First of all, All-Clad belongs to one of those branches that require your least attention and care to keep going.

How bad is it to not invest that little?

As far as the stainless steel line of All-Clad is concerned, it boasts its shine among other cookware types and that is what we have to take care of.

On the other hand, for the other All-Clad lines like anodized aluminum, brushed aluminum, and copper coated lines are all about their surface.

You get to be really lenient with the coated surface otherwise it’s useless to cook in if harmed.

Though the expert says, All-Clad is all safe when putting in the dishwasher safe but this is a half confirmation.

The constant washing of stainless steel in the dishwasher safe is a serious situation to encounter, avoid that.

However, a once in a while, when you are in a hurry is okay to go with the dishwasher.

There is an even more comfort of preserving its youthfulness on account of shine and performance by hand washing it. Here you go for any All-Clad pan line.


⁃              Take your All-Clad pan out of its place.

⁃              Fill the sink with warm water.

⁃              Put the All-Clad pan in the sink.

⁃              Let it sit there for two minutes maximum.

⁃              Take any cleaner of your choice, Barkeeper’s friend and Bon Ami are two my favorite.

⁃              Apply a little cleaner inside out of the stainless steel pan.

⁃              Grab a damp cloth piece and spread the cleaner on the whole pan by rubbing.

⁃              Rub, rub, rub but be gentle. Do not leave any spot uncovered of the cleaner.

⁃              Rinse the applied cleaner with the warm water.

⁃              Now apply liquid soap all over the All-Clad stainless steel pan and start rubbing gently again.

⁃              Rinse with warm water.

⁃              Pat dry with clean cloth.

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Dishwasher Safe?

While it can save your time, it can cost you the other way.

After all, a machine is not as accurate and sensible as a human being can be.

Though I support hand washing no matter which the type is, if you don’t, it’s okay just avoid doing it regularly.

As regarding the dishwasher, if you own stainless steel or copper All-Clad, there is a green signal for you, fortunately.

A big NO for the other ranges.

Get it straight to your mind and let the other people know too.


With the handling, a breeze, avoiding the cooking sprays, overheating, and hard water for the washing, your All-Clad is going to last a decade.

As a matter of fact, drying the pan just after washing saves it from water spots and unwanted stains.

Plus, invest in good cleaners from time to time polishing with Bon Ami, Barkeeper’s friend, Mr. Mayer’s liquid soap, Dawn Foam, etc.

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